Thursday, April 25, 2013

Instaboylet 2.0 (Epilogue)

"Thanks hon. lol. Kaw din ah."

"Awwww did u like it no?"


"Wala. :)"

"Hmmmm. Yup. I did. Kung tama ang nasa isip ko."

"I've always known that you're more than just a DP. (Display Picture)"

"That time you showed your best."

"Did you like it too?"

"U afforded me a day to get reacquainted with my best."

"Nice. I guess we all have that side. Thanks for the experience."

"Who knows."

One week later, we would still call each other "hon" and "baby cakes" in private. No hints of possible meet up happening soon.

1 comment:

Blakrabit said...

Master, parang series lang ah. Can't wait for the next episodes. You're smitten, aren't you?