Thursday, April 18, 2013

Instaboylet 2.0 (First Part)

When Alistair Lee mused how fun it would be to have a game on Twitter where you can choose your boyfriend every day, I posted a tweet saying, "you start and we will follow."

It was a typical banter that needed not to be taken seriously. However, Ric said he would join. XJ, who was reading our timeline found the game "fun." He even had a name for it. "Virtual Jowa-Jowaan." There were two others who expressed their intention to participate and before the night was over, Alistair's idea was finally conceived.

The rules are simple. The "taya" will choose his virtual partner from among the participants. They have to play lovers on the social media website for a day. After their time is up, the guy who was chosen will have his turn to pick a new partner. The game ends after each player gets his turn, and the love team of the week is chosen.

Participants are to ask questions and throw scenarios that will put the couple off balance. Questions like, "what did you 'cook' for your baby for breakfast?" or "what are your terms of endearment?" are strongly encouraged. The success of the game depends on how believable the relationships are. Fun kicks off when others on our common timeline start asking, "Are they for real or what?"

After much prodding, Alistair took the reigns, and chose his virtual boyfriend. To my surprise, he chose XJ. I was expecting him to pick Ric, since I've been playing matchmaker to the two guys for quite some time. While the game was replete with cheesiness at the beginning (it showed Alistair's caring side), it proved to be a disappointment as one seems to be more "committed" than the other.

"When it's my turn," I told Alistair. "I'll show you how the game is played."

After 24 hours, XJ and Alistair's coupling was over. I even thought the game would end with them with the languid reception it recieved. When Alistair insisted that it's our turn - Ric and I - hesitation and pointing fingers would have cut the game prematurely. The two others no longer appear interested, and we cannot simply choose someone who's not part of the game. It was when the game leader suggested that we should be the couples that a resolution was found.

We raised no opposition.


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