Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Epilogue

"Kamusta ka Joms, I'm so happy to see you after a long time! Grabe kagabi no? Did you enjoy ba?" 

It was the first text message I read when I woke up. It was from Kane.

"Happy to see you too! Super fun, grabe. For 3 hours, felt like the girl that I was, only tamer. Wahaha. Cu again." 

Notice the inflection? Well, what can I say, I was nursing a hang-over.

"Hahaha I love tamer :)  So you met Eugene..."

As the story goes, Kane and his boy slave went home with another guy. No other details were thrown away, not even morsels about what the third wheel looks like. But as of this writing Kane still denies a threesome ever took place.

One week has passed since my return to the dance floor and the characters in the story went back living their own old lives.

As we now know, Kane returned with his entourage at O-Bar the next night. For him and his gang, life is indeed a partey. But who would have thought that just before daybreak, white flags will be raised. I may not be privy to the Upper East Siders, but I know what happened last July. It was an eye opener for me, who is used to celebrating every Encanto's birthday with beer and more beer.

Fox never forgets.

Kaya ang masasabi ko lang,

I'm overjoyed to hear that peace has finally been restored.

Nishiboy went out too the following night. His destination, Palawan 1. I cannot recall if this was the night when he met the twink, whom, he dated for a week. (He announced on Twitter last night that he was breaking up with the boy. The boy of course, was devastated.)

"Anubayun, natikman ka lang eh devastated na." I should have spared some sympathy. What if the boy was indeed madly infatuated?

I was told that Jap went on a binging spree every night after my return to the dance floor. Every time I hear the news, I couldn't help but ask if this is what I had exchanged. Looking back, part of the reason for inviting Nishi to meet new friends is to distract him from doing this. I may not know if I succeeded, or the trade-off was worth it.

What I am hoping is that a week has passed and our boy didn't bite the bait. A delay should be enough reason to drink more.

As for me, the first thing I did after I arrived home was to go online. I was willing to wait forever for Baabaa to show up on G Talk. Lucky for me, the partner was still at work.

I told him that I had fun and that, I was behaved. I may have forgotten to dive into the details, but after reading this entry, he would have an idea as to what really took place.

Instead of getting mad, the partner was ecstatic. He said that he has no issue with me going to dance clubs, after all, it is not the place but the act that gets you into trouble.

I guess my decision to tell the truth had paid off. (Because in my distant past, I would never breathe a word) Just imagine, this entry wouldn't be conceived if I told Jap while on our way to O-Bar that our trip should stay a secret.

It would have been fun had things went perfectly. But I knew, that the moment I stepped foot inside the club, I will pay the ultimate price. The day after going to O, my joints ached, and my body grew feverish. I had runny nose and my chest jerked with cough. This affliction would go on for days, until the body decided that it was getting tired of being sick.

I was only able to resume my normal routine (that is to return to the gym) after a week.


Mr. Hush Hush said...

haha bakit ganoon, I got excited that you went back to the bar scene?? inaabangan ko lahat ng entries relative to this. hahahahahha

naku, naku, tumatanda na tayo Mugen!! may joint pains na, mag.flanax na!! haha

Mugen said...

Honga Mr. Hush. Kung dati rati eh kaya kong mag stay sa dance floor mula 11 hanggang 4. Ngayon eh hindi na. Haha. Hula ko, nagbigla yung katawan ko. Hindi sanay sa maraming tao. Lolz.

Enjoy your Saturday night out. Mag O-Bar Ortigas ka naman, mas masaya dun!

Nate said...

yi.... --- "Instead of getting mad, the partner was ecstatic."

JohnM said...

I love this whole dance floor series. It seems that the PLU blogosphere is also somewhat connected via the dance floor. Thanks to this series of posts, I began to read Kane's blog. I never though I'd like it this much. Thank you Mugen.

Mr. Hush Hush said...


alam mo, I heard somewhere that if it's top you're looking for, go to Obar.. if bottom, go to Chelu.. and if you like em rich, go to Bed. hahahaha s3x lang pala at the end of the day!

Yah, been to that home depot place several times, closer to home really.. but.... hahahaha


MkSurf8 said...

ang tagal ko na rin mag recover from a night of clubbing. i'm practically useless the day after.

Sean said...

mukhang nabigla ang katawan mo mugs. di na sanay.

Aris said...

@mugen and mksurf8: friends, apir tayo sa joint pains and feeling sick after a night of clubbing. haha!

Mugen said...

MkSurf8 & Aris:

Haha! So totoo nga, tayo na ang makabagong tanders! Lolz.

Kala ko ako lang. :D

Yun rin ang akala ko Sean. Baka kako nabigla. Yun pala epekto ng katandaan. Wahaha.

Nate: "_"

Pepe said...

reading your latest posts re clubbing, i got reminded how i wanted to experience it. hehe. tagal ko na 'atang pinaplanong maranasan man lang ang kahit konti nito pero laging di natutupad. and reading this epilogue post, naisip ko lang na baka off the age range na rin ako to start learning this only now. LOL ayoko masayang ang leave credits dahil sa hangover or sakit ng kasu-kasuan. LOL

Mugen said...


You can always try it once. In my case, I pushed myself a bit. The night before my clubbing, went home late na rin. Totoo yung sabi nila na kapag nabuhay ka sa pollution, magkakasakit ka pag nakalanghap ka ng sariwang hangin. Lol.

I think that's the reason why I stayed in bed for 2 days. Lol.