Saturday, October 15, 2011

Larawan Second Part

Baabaa was asked sa isang online forum kung saan daw ang pinakamemorable date niya.

Kelly Heights, Antipolo

His answer was Antipolo.

Bilang isang hamak na stalker sa forum na iyon ay napangiti ako sa kanyang sagot. Malay ko ba na yun pala ang special place namin para sa kanya. Kelly Heights has always been my retreat every time I'd like to run away from the city. It is fairly inaccessible, the food, albeit mediocre in taste and looks, is uber-pricey for an average joe, but the vista of the city is breathtaking. On a clear, cloudless afternoon, one can even catch a glimpse of the sun as it sets gracefully in Manila Bay.

When I brought Baabaa there, we are not yet an official couple sa blog. Sa aking pagbabalik upang isulat itong entry, tuwing pagmamasdan ko yung table kung saan kami naupo ay paulit-ulit na sumasagi sa diwa ko ang mga salitang 

"walang nakakalimot" habang parang tangang nakangiti sa kawalan.

White Moon Bar, Manila Ocean Park

When asked the same question, my answer would be White Moon.  

The Manila Ocean Park date was actually a fulfilment of a promise. Sabi ko kasi kay JC nung naglalandian pa kami sa SMS na isasama ko siya sa Intramuros for him to experience riding the Pasig River Ferry up to Guadalupe. The problem is, the ferry service went bankrupt. We stayed instead at Starbucks then did a walking trip along the walled city up to Luneta.

It was almost sunset when we got to Manila Ocean Park.  

In an instant, my world had transformed upon seeing the bay. I could almost picture us lounging in one of the white vinyl sofas while sipping a glass of Margarita. Ambient sounds play in the background as the sun sets in the distance. Kulang na lang ng infinity pool para sabihing we're lapping the life of luxury.

Matapos maubos ang tall glass of Iced Tea na nagkakahalaga ng 100 pesos, kumain kami ng grilled pusit na nilalako ng mga ambulant vendors sa tabi ng Quirino Grandstand.

Cafe Alejandra, Makati

Pilian ng rest days during the company manpower shuffling last year, I said they could throw me on any shift as long as I would get Saturdays as my off. That's my only condition. The resulting trade-off left me working on Sundays on graveyard shift and having my Wednesdays as my other rest day. Ako lang ang bukod tanging employee na permanenteng hiwalay ang rest day.

To make the most out of my days off, Wednesdays have become the Baabaa day. Sa araw na ito ay nagkikita kami ni partner kahit siya ay may trabaho. We sometimes watch movies. But most of the time, we just settle in a place where there is free wifi so I could keep him company while doing his work. When I have pending articles for Bentusi, I turn my idle time into something more productive.

Sino ang magsasabi na ang mag-partner ay hindi maaring maging workmates?

Greenbelt Church, Ayala Center

It was JC's birthday and I had something planned for that day. The kid had no idea what's in store for him. Ako yata itong magaling mag-surpresa. Mind you, it comes with age.

After watching Angel Locsin's In the Name of Love, dali dali ko siyang dinala sa simbahan, hindi para magpakasal kundi magpasalamat. It has been a good year for him and as a partner, I believe a visit to our Father's house would be most appropriate. 

It was too early to call it a night. Besides, sinadya ko talaga siyang gutumin nung araw na yun dahil for the first time, I'd be treating someone in a fancy restaurant. Yung entree pa lang, mabigat na sa tiyan.

I threw the partner a birthday celebration he wouldn't easily forget. As for me, I realized that I could start a career as an events planner. Seriously, to see him enjoying every moment of our time is already a befitting reward.

I couldn't ask for more.

- itutuloy -