Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fifteen Minutes | Dream Journal Twenty Four

It was almost midnight and for some reasons, everyone at home was still up. I even remember asking the maid to get me Tortillos at a nearby store.

Checking my watch, the time was 11:45. Suddenly, like a snap of a finger, like blood rushing towards the head, I knew I had to buy something - a cake for my mom. All this time we followed tradition and here I am forgetting it. 

Feeling the sense of urgency, I changed my clothes while letting my memory access its vaults to find the nearest Starbucks still open. I'm absolutely sure that all Red Ribbon bakeries were already closed. We were in Santa Mesa, in our old house, and I was thinking maybe there's a branch near UST. There was no time to think of other locations. 

I was on the verge of panic.

The maid returned not with a Tortillos but with a plate of pretzels. The pretzels, thick in brown syrup and sprinkled with croutons was something I didn't expect. I hesitated to get a piece.

"Masarap yan!!" The maid insisted, She was right. The croutons turned out to be bits of cheese.

I left the house to start walking. I was about to make a turn to a narrow passage that leads to the main road when I saw a table at the middle of the alley in front of me. On the table were gifts stacked on top each other while party food were laid out around it. 

"Someone's having a birthday party," I said to myself. What's surreal is that the table, and all those gifts were there but the celebrant and the guests were nowhere to be found. But there was no time to take a closer look. My surroundings began to dissipate and by then I knew the reason why.

I woke up in my bed with the sun high outside the windows. Feeling relieved that I still have fifteen hours to buy the cake, I got up, opened my laptop and started writing this entry.


Nate said...

@kuya joms: maybe our subconscious has it's way of making us remember stuff we need to do, and make them appear in dreams.. :)

masungit na senyorito!!! hmff!!! --- "The maid returned not with a Tortillos but with a plate of pretzels. The pretzels, thick in brown syrup and sprinkled with croutons was something I didn't expect. I hesitated to get a piece."

Mr. Hush Hush said...

hmmmm.. para tuloy akong nagcrave ng Contis turtle pie, or karen's kitchen's red velvet! yum :9 hahahaha

yun nalang bilhin mo Mugen (sana di ako late sa suggestion!) hihihihi

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

Ikaw na ang Don Joms. ahahaha. may yaya. at choosy pa sa pretzels. ahehehe.

Alter said...

maaaring may iniisip ka masyado mugs? easy lang. :)

Xian Garvida said...

"Masarap yan!" natawa ako dito,hehe
I normally experience this kind of dream lalo na pag excited ako masyado pero I am to focused on the "what ifs", kaya siguro mejo hinay hinay lang sa masyadong pag-iisip,hehe

ArchNemesis said...

Yay! I think I am craving for cakes. Haha!

(New here. LOL)

bien said...

Yaya buy me some Chippy! Pronto!

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Mugen said...


And Happy Birthday to you too. :)

Gusto ko ng Lays para soshal. Hehe.


Chocolat is good.

Welcome to my blog!


Ako ay kinukulit ng aking kunsensya. Huwag na huwag daw ako makakalimot bago matapos ang trabaho.

Mugen said...


May pinapaalala sa akin ang subconscious na dapat kong isipin. Hehe.


Ako na si Donya, Donya Buding. Lolz.

Mugen said...

Mr Hush:

Malayo sa workplace eh. Besides, I really like to try the Tablea Cake. Hehe.


I perfectly understand why the subconscious had to sound the alarm. :) Napangiti na lang ako. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so much in love with the idea of having bits of our interest piece together in our dream. :)

I was supposed to comment something else when I realized that it this is a dream journal entry.