Thursday, October 6, 2011


I may not be an Apple raver, not even a fan.  

I don't have the funds to even acquire my own Apple product.

The only one I have is a third generation iPod Nano that was given to me as a gift by my stateside aunts. The gadget has been my sound companion for 4 years now and despite its near dilapidated state, it has never given up in feeding music to my hungry ears.

It speaks of a masterful creation - even when the final product emerged from cold assembly lines.

I may not know Steve Jobs that well or how such one person changed the way we think of innovation. But to remember the first time my juvenile hands were able to touch, feel and use a candylicious IMac G3 many, many years ago, there is no doubt that my ties with Apple is as old as those who use a MacBook Pro as their personal device today.

And thus we mourn the passing of a visionary.

Let this blog entry serves as a reminder that creation exists because of ideas. Driven with passion, hard work and ruthless discipline, one person can singlehandedly change the world. I do not know the future of Apple or how Steve Jobs' legacy would work for the best of mankind, but I am so glad to have found my digital sentience at a time when a great artist was at work.



Char Char said...

I share the same sympathy. Steve Jobs spearheaded towards the development of mobile phones and gadgets today.

By the way, I'm new to your blog. Sorry if I butt in.



Nate said...

@kuya joms: true.. a visionary was lost.. :/

Manila, Anyareh? said...

Hi there!

That one in the picture, that's the one I have. 80GB, very classic, somewhat kinda dilapidated too. But I still love it. It's got GBs of music I love in there.

He brought us iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Will there be any more innovations as great as the three above? I'm sure there is. I heard the guy who will be replacing him is brutally good too.

Mac Callister said...

wala din akong kahit anong apple product but what he did with what many have today will always be appreciated...

Manila, Anyareh? said...

Whaaaatttt? You don't hate the traffic? Now c'mon! Haha!

Thanks for stopping by!

Albert Corsame Umbac said...

We share the same sentiments Mugen. We've lost a great inventor. May he rest in Peace and he will be forever be missed...

following yeah.. hope you visit my site too..

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Grammar Killer said...

I may not have a single Apple gadget but I am also deeply saddened by his departure. That's how great he is. The first time I laid my hands on a Mac Book Air during a tech exhibit, it's been one of motivations to work harder, so that I could one day reward myself with one his genius creations.

Supladitong Officeboy said...

Ika nga ni Howie Severino, si Steve Jobs ang modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci ng Technological Rennaissance. :)

Mugen said...

Wow andami kong bisita today. Thank you for dropping by everyone:

Officeboy: Yup, he's the modern equivalent of Leonardo Da Vinci, and who knows, if people really get reborn, maybe he was the great scientist's recent reincarnation. :)

GrammarKiller: Naiisip ko rin, now that Steve Jobs is gone, would buying an Apple product still feels the same.

Albert: Read your blog dude. Expect me to return again. :D

Mugen said...


Haha naglalakad ako pag traffic. Kahit na mula Divisoria pa yan hanggang Mendiola, no biggie sa akin. :P

8 GB lang yata ang capacity nung Nano ko. Hehe.


Yun rin ang dilemma ko nung sinusulat ko itong entry na ito. Tinatanong ko kung may K ba ako samantalang wala naman talaga akong Apple device at mas bias ako sa Microsoft Windows kesa sa OS.

In the end, Mr. Job deserves some good words.


Lets hope a new one emerges, soon.


Walang problema. Welcome to my blog hehe. Yup, dati sikat eh Nokia. It only took us a decade for things to change.

Siguro kung college student pa rin ako at buhay pa yung erpat ko, magpapabili rin ako sa kanya ng iPhone.

Char Char said...

Ibibili kita. Chos!

I like your insights. (Parang nasabi ko na to. Chos!)

Mugen said...


Haha! Wala naman akong pagagamitan. Lolz. Isa pa iinggitin ko lang yung isa diyan. Heheh.

Thank you.

Char Char said...

Kalorka. Try mong pamato sa piko? Piko? Waley na ata naglalaro nitey today. Echos!

Abangan ang post ko tomorrow. The makyondi version of Char. Echos!


itsMePeriod said...

just had a shuffle recently, incentive sa work. maganda yung interview kay steve dati, yung inamin nya na sa simula, wala siyang alam sa computers..

husay ng pagkakakuha ng litrato...