Sunday, October 2, 2011

Return To The Dance Floor First Part

October 1, 2011
Top Grill, Jupiter Street

"Inom pa tayo!" Jap Nishi insisted. Three bottles of San Mig Light would never quench his thirst. I was told this guy could down six bottles of Red Horse without becoming a casualty. The last time we were in an inuman session at Rain Darwin's place, he didn't even get tipsy.

Jap and I went to a videoke party arranged by Poi and the gang. I would have went there alone but knowing that YJ would be coming, I decided to tag the Encanto along. I wanted the two of them to meet. After all, it's been a while since they saw each other.  

The party was fun and I'm so glad to return to my old pals again. Despite the fallout last June, people were able to overcome their differences and see the depth of our bonds. In fact, the bloggers hardly changed, except for DN, who have become more outgoing and confident since the last time we met. He opened the videoke night with a theme song from Pokemon.

Unfortunately, the party had to end early. Wiwik and Curiouscat needed to go to work that morning and the new tanders were already sleepy. The gay attendant barged at the door and asked if we still wanted to have an extension. Since nobody asserted that the party should continue, we paid our bill and decided to go our separate ways.  

But not for Nishiman and I.

The last time I got drunk, I went all the way from a cousin's birthday bash in Bicutan to Fox's place in Novaliches. Imagine the distance I had to cover just to have a shot of Empi Light. Not to mention, it was already past midnight, I was tipsy and I didn't even take a cab. Adik lang. The party I attended before that ended at 5 in the morning. For these reasons, I somehow agree with Jap. At 2 am, it's still too early to call it a night.  

Now the question is, where to go. A quiet watering hole won't do since I would become the night's "El Tumbador." Besides, it's no fun talking emo shit. Not with someone heartbroken. At the back of my head, Progressive House beats bounced off my imaginary boom-box. And I know a perfect antidote for a swelling heartache. Like I said to Pexer named No Label Noise on Facebook just a few weeks ago, I'm already a clubber when he was in high school. 

Whatever trappings I have lie in a dormant state.

After the question of going out has been resolved, the next issue to agree at was the venue. Jap didn't care whether its Malate or Metrowalk, as long as the place overflowed with beer. Meanwhile, I initially avoided stepping foot at any establishment packed with gays. Not until I have forgiven my past sins. But because of my limited knowledge of straight bars, it seems a confrontation with my history was imminent. To narrow the options, there was O-Bar and Chelu. Palawan was out of the picture and so was the pricey BED, which I've heard is not as fun as it used to be when it used to occupy a small corner of the courtyard. 

Then out of nowhere, O-Bar Julia Vargas came to mind and the good memories I had with that place. I recall once, it was the exiles' home after they decided to abandon Orosa for good. Meanwhile, while the crowd somehow were notoriously snub than the ones in Malate, I made some nice acquaintance there, and I left the Eastside club with a spotless reputation. It should be enough reason for me to go back. 

"Mas malapit ba sa inyo ang O-Bar Ortigas?" I asked Jap.

"Yup, mga 120 lang ang pamasahe sa cab unlike 240 sa Malate." So we cover the distance now by the taxi fare we pay to the cab driver.

"Sige, wait lang, may tawagan lang ako." Jap meanwhile went to a nearby ATM to get extra funds.

"U out sweetie," I sent to an old friend through SMS.  He didn't reply immediately.

After I withdrew additional cash to support my nightout, my impatience had gotten over me. Instead of waiting for a text message, I called his number.

"Oy Kane, party ka tonight?" He was out, indeed, with his girlfriends.

"Jap Nishi and I are going to O-Bar Ortigas. Hope to see you there." 

And after ending my call, I crossed the street and hailed a cab going to Julia Vargas. Jap of course, was trailing behind and was eager for his drink. Time check was 2:15. The party was just starting.



dabo said...

Tanders. Lol!

Mr. Hush Hush said...

yeah man!! got lazy last night to go out.. it was raining. *sob*

Mugen, one of the gay dancers (those wearing lady outfits there) is part of the male dance group in Palawan dos.. wala lang, naisip ko lang hahahaha cute kasi yun pag naglalaki sya. hahahaha

Viktor Saudad said...

thirsty for a drink...

Nate said...

ooh.. party animals.. :)

Ryan said...

You were there last night? I was, too.

the green breaker said...

di nagyaya! haha. ano kayang nangyari? nakasunod nga kaya si Kane? abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa... Naalaala Mo Pa Kaya? Hehehe

Mr. Hush Hush said...

yeah man!! party ^_^

i didn't go out last sat, umuulan kasi! tsk tsk plan pa naman namin dyan sa Home depot ehehhehe

speaking of P-dos, may isang drag dyan sa Obar who's part of the male group doon sa P-dos. La lang.. cute kasi yun. hahahahha

bien said...

Ayy ngayon ko lang nalaman, encanto na pala si nishigurl.

wanderingcommuter said...

dabo, wag kang tumawa kasi ikaw yung natutulog sa couch after 12. hahaha!!!

it was indeed a fun night! sensya na alam mo naman kami ni curiouscat inaariba ang career (and hindi po, hindi ako ang mystery jowa ni curious cat...LOL).

lets set a saturday night out pwede ako hanggang 10...AM! hahaha!

nubadi said...

this is good... I'll have some ideas where to go when I'm in la Manille next month.

Mugen said...


Bago muna yan, pakurot sa bilbil. Nyahahaha! Fully booked na ako sa Sabado. Two parties, one night. Sana lang magaling na ako. Kitakits na lang tayo after the 15th.

Yung mga new tanders, antahimik ah! Lolz.


Nadiskubre nila Pilyo at Fox na sumasamba sa alak, hayun ginawang Engkanto. Wahahaha.

Mr Hush:

Wasn't able to notice the performers at O-Bar last Saturday, except for that big mouthed, banshee screaming drag queen. (I'm sure you have seen him.)

Mugen said...


Nako isa ka pa! Mahirap na pag binitbit kita dun, baka kung kanino ka pa mauwi. Wahaha.


You were there last Saturday. Jap and I went there Friday night. Hehe.


Ako na ang tomador. Haha. Yeah, I drink once a week, (sometimes twice in a month) but when I down beer or hard liquor, I make sure, I go down as well. Lol.


Minsan lang naman ser. Hehe.


Quiet lang tayo no, pagdating sa tanders. Haha.

Viktor Saudad said...

" ...but when I down beer or hard liquor, I make sure, I go down as well. "

Isn't that the point of drinking alcohol? LOL!
gusto ko rin nalalasing, pero ayaw ko naman ung bagsak agad. I prefer ako yung last na babagsak, despite the overflowing consumption :D

Mugen said...


Pareho tayo. Last month standing ang peg. Hehehe.