Saturday, November 10, 2012

Collateral Damage (First Part)

He could have been someone worth knowing. A friend, a confidant, a regular drinking buddy that I could one day introduce to the Encantos. Ours is a story like no other, even when our narrative ran like everyone's gay tale.

A week ago, Mugen decides to once again taunt the self who still holds control of the body. One click of the mouse button, while floating above the blue skies of Planet Romeo, and there goes his profile, stripping in front of me.

Two things immediately caught my attention. His self-assured charm and his big... ego. I'm always a sucker for someone who dominates. For deep down, the cocky in me is searching for a counterpart.

It was never my intention to fish for I was very confident to receive an inquiry from others. So I checked his profile once again, only to learn that he had also checked mine. It went on for a couple more times, but neither made the attempt to break the ice. When I knew that he wouldn't make a move, and that he was waiting for me to take action, I hit him with a vague question hoping to get a response. 

"What alternative songs do you play?" I asked.

"One Republic, Dishwalla." I forgot the third band he mentioned. 

In response, I sent him the first two lines of the song Every Little Thing.

"Let me in, to see you in the morning light." He replied with a grinning emoticon.

From there we found anchorage. A hook that would sink even when I was busy setting meet-ups I would never take seriously. Music became our common ground as I sent him dozens of YouTube videos of the songs that break my heart. I was so at ease with our platonic arrangement that even when the scorpions stung, and I was edging on my seat for some action, I never bothered dropping reference to his huge... smile. 

I cannot afford to take our friendship into realms I never wish to be our destination.

Unless it was he who picked up the fight.

"Nice! ako naman walang time mag gym! Hahaha i pump my muscles when i jack off yun lang. Sure sure pare. Anyway kailangang nakatalikod sa litrato? Hehe" 

Of course, I knew where he was getting at. We were talking about one's fitness activity when he segued into something that I could use to ignite the fire. And with one provocative reply, I crossed the line and put our ties into zones we can no longer escape.

"Tagal ng pic yan. Trip mo?" It was calculated answer.

"Yeah i think it's hot. actually tinigasan ako senxa pare" 

From there, it was already easy to play the mischievous game.



Sean said...

Bitin mugs! Btw ang ganda nung last entry mo. Dito ko na lang iko-comment :)

JohnM said...

OMG... BTW, I messaged you sa PR a few weeks ago saying this must be the profile/account you were talking about in your blog? Didn't get a reply back... Or maybe it wasn't yours? =)

Joseph said...

oh. quite a long one up there..

Nimmy said...

I missed your blog, joms! :)

Read both posts at kinilig ako. I have a friend going thru the same thing kaya i'll give him your link. :D

~Carrie~ said...

I'd have missed the whole point if I suggested Grindr. Joke! PR is a big playing field. Getting naughty is the theme. Always. Maybe it's the ego, maybe the libido. But it's good that you made friends instead. It's a classy thing to do.