Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Previously: Scale Back

We were learning the ropes, and the once-sour relationship between me and the client had sweeten a bit. This morning, I just penned my first business proposal - to offer our skills in managing the website's wallflower social media accounts.

The team was confident it was doing well. The CEO just sent a congratulatory note last Thanksgiving for a "job well done." But then, life sometimes pull a nasty surprise when you thought you have figured things out.

We need you to immediately discontinue work for Green Eco Store, and send us the invoice for your work to date in November.  

We attempted to engage in a reasonable discussion about the October invoice and were unable to make progress in the allocated time.

Karma's a bitch and yours truly just got a gut-squeezing uppercut - just when it felt like the universe had shown mercy, and for a moment granted me reprieve.