Saturday, February 20, 2010

Animal Instinct (Lost And Found Remix)

The only time the mother cat started eating
is when we found a kitten, the only one remaining
sleeping in a flower pot.

The kitten will still be given up for adoption.


citybuoy said...

oh no. poor thing. my cat just gave birth din. three spotted kitties. sana di mawala. kahit pusakal lang yung mga yun, i love them to bits! :c

i just noticed na bago na profile pic mo. good job! :D

lee said...

labor month ba ngayon ng mga cats? ours also gave birth to four cute kittens :)

engel said...

ours too!!!

nah. just kidding. we don't have cats anymore. =D

blagadag said...

be sure the mother is physically fit before you give away the kittens. magtatampo kasi yan at malulungkot pag di nya makita mga anak nya kaya di sya kumakain. medyo patagalin nyo muna. yung kaya na ni mother cat. wawa naman.

ganun po talaga ang cats, halos sabay sabay manganak kasi meron silang breeding season. have you experience listening to cats like screaming at each other? breeding season po yan. tag libog nila.

Johnny Cursive said...

post a picture of the kitty! I've been on a search for my next pussycat doll eh. I need a housecat na kasi

red the mod said...

Cats, or at least the domesticated variety, have a peculiar violence when it comes to procreation. The male penis is lined with hook-like hairs that allow it to fit snugly, and painfully, once intercoursing with the female cat. Which is why often the female is very uncooperative when it comes to mating as she gets hurt quite a lot, and so to facilitate this their foreplay includes the male cat subjugating the female by way of biting (by the neck) or bearing her down, among other equally violent actions. And when they do get to mating, it is rather painful.

The trait is an evolutionary adaptation to ensure that the seed is not spilled, and that the mating is successful.

I've had a couple of cats before. The one I have right now is a male, and I think he's gay.

Anonymous said...

sometimes, we find things (or people) in our life after being lost for so long... and sometimes, it's sad that we've found them too late... to treat (or love) them the same way as before.