Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Front Act

Behind the facade

is another face

that might be another mask.


gauxves said...

can't read my can't read my
no he can't read my poker face... :D


lav! lav! lav!

bunwich said...

♪♫ you left me speechless... ♪♫

anteros' dominion said...

try to read her background and youll be amazed.

and yes, her bestfriend is a fil am and she knows what gaga means in our language


Galen said...

♪♫ Let's have some fun, this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick ♪♫

engel said...

the only song of hers i like is eh eh. if that's even the title of the song.

Eisen said...

Caught in a bad romance..

red the mod said...

We all wear masks, in various degrees and copious forms. Only to present what we deem acceptable, or far too often to illicit the kind of reaction or attention we objectify. Because masks are extensions of our ego, and a transition to the realms of the superego. Creating a front act that would be most beneficial, unconsciously or otherwise. Each situation requires a different persona. These personas are not entirely false, but merely purist translations of an inner struggle for control. For action. For vindication. And sometimes, to assert our own imagined reality.

@Engel, yes it is Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say). That song is a breath of fresh air, almost a throw back to Lady Gaga's less angsty days, I imagine.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

that mickey mouse thing in the paparazzi video gives me the creeps.

pareho kami ni bunwich. i like speechless and how it feels like an old queen song. siyempre wala syang binatbat kay freddie mercury but i love how she wears her influences like a heart on her sleeve. :D

blagadag said...

at may pad at smv, an array of around six masks hung in my front wall. an engineer of the village told me the masks caught his attention and made him curious to know the real me. apparently, his foreman and another young carpenter were faster than him to unmask the true me. one after another, we fell tired on my bed.

~Carrie~ said...

She's lovable and admirable.

Ellen Degeneres: "You're big (a star)." Lady Gaga: "Not as big as Ellen." (audience applause)

Later on in that interview:
LG: "I wanna create a space for my fans, where they can feel free and they can celebrate. Because I for one didn't fit in when I was in high school. And I felt like a freak. So I created this atmosphere for my fans, where they can have a freak in me that they can hang out with, so they don't feel alone." (audience applause)

My point: behind that freakish mask and costumes is a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. Love her.

Galen said...


They said, before Lady Gaga became mainstream, it was the gays who carried her to the summit. Poker Face, Love Game, Papparazzi, those songs were played in Gay Radio Stations before it was picked by major labels. Ang galing no? What I like about her performance is that its a work of art. I didn't know such interview exists, but it shows how humble she is despite her massive popularity.

Galen said...


Mommy, idol kita! Hehehe.

I think I still wear two (imaginary) masks with me. Lately, I don't know which is which and sometimes I wear them both at the same time.


Ako naman, yung mickey mouse costume niya ang pinaka gusto ko. Freaky and yet at the same time, groovy. :)

Galen said...


So you say, Altair and Galen's right to exist are both justified, and not just an insane way of imposing inner control?

Just the same, I agree with everything you said. :)

Anonymous said...

at sa isa sa interview kay lady gagah, she was asked kung naka-drugs ba sya bago magperform.. ang sagot nya: i pray before i go to stage and do crunches