Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is the first time I'll be posting in my blog. Phew, it was a very long time since I did this journal thing. Maybe its time to move on... everybody's doing it so why can't I?

I can't remember who said it but when a friend posted at the Yahoo Groups that my friends would get bored posting their thoughts at the online message board, a sudden bite of reality caught me. Everybody's migrating already and I guess it's also time for me to go. No matter what assurance I get from them, I think that the exodus bound to happen. I dunno but the migration thing really got me.

I was quite shocked with what happened to Henry lately. I never thought his buddy would play tricks behind his back. Sabagay, in this kind of life, those things are most likely to happen. The thing is, no matter how I deny it, there's something in me that's kinda worried with what his bud has done to him. Parang naiisip ko what if my bud did those things to me. Shempre, I would become helpless. Kahit ilang beses ko sabihin na I will move on and return to being a fucker mode, it would definitely destroy everything that I've built for the past 10 months. Sana totoo ngang seryoso ang bud ko sa akin. I'm already looking forward in sharing a future with him and I hope he'll never fuck the chance to enjoy a life with me.

Anyway that's all for now. I have to prepare for the contingent this evening. Maybe I'll post back again proximus. It's nice to see you back.


I've just learned how to manipulate my blogger. hehehe. The guys wouldn't notice it but I've just linked their blogs into my journal. Maybe blogging isn't so bad after all. Now I understand why James became so addicted to it after he discovered this wonderful site.

Makaligo na nga, I've been stuck in this chair all day.

Colony Ship Landing
February 24, 2004


anteros' dominion said...


blagadag said...

akala ko pa naman may bago na talagang mahal ang bebeh ko. repost pala. daya. maligo ka na nga. init lang yan.

Galen said...


Hehehe Six years na akong blogger ngayong araw at oras na ito mommy.

Gandang araw!!!

anteros' dominion said...

congrats kuya j..sabi ko na nga ba yun yun eh. 6 years, galing

iurico said...

I turned six last January with my other blog which I have not updated since I migrated to my blogspot.


Galen said...


Thank you!!!


I have to remember how it all started because there are times I'm seriously thinking if the enterprise (writing) still benefits me. This is a kind of reaffirmation i'd like to have. I can't bring back my old blog anymore. :)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

ang cute! ibang iba ka pa magsulat nun. haha

magkasing idad pala tayo sa blogging years. kaso di ko sinama yung ilang buwan na naka hiatus ako. haha

it's funny to look back no and see how we've evolved as writers.. parang may tone dito na di na present sa current blogs mo. i think it's rather endearing.

Anonymous said...


gillboard said...

magkabirthday pala kami ng blog mo... hehehe

happy birthday sa blog mo joms!!!

Eben said...

happy 6th birthday to your blog!

Galen said...

Eben and Dabo:



Honga no? Pero hindi ka pa blogger nun diba?


Yeah. Ibang iba ang tone ko nun kesa ngayon. Marami nga nakakapansin na I tend to write darkly now. Guess that's the reason why I posted it, as a whole. I want to recall how cheerful and dreamy I was when blogging before. Ngayon kasi parang madalas puro longing eh. Which is, somehow natural kasi mas matanda na ako. Aged kumbaga.

Minsan, i-try ko ulit magsulat gaya ng dati.

red the mod said...

Time is fluid and progressive. It changes us, molds us, evolves us in versions of our past selves, precursors of our future ones. It never looks back, but only reminds.

Blogging has been such a wonderful occupation for me. I have changed a lot since my last post. This makes me wonder how I'd be as an interpreter and narrator in six years' time.

But then, although a lot has changed, the heart we carry remain the same. Wounded, but healing, distraught but persevering. To 6 more years of blogging.

And to Time, may he continually afford us the capacity and opportunity to expound our lives on the gestative journal.

PILYO said...

twink na twink ka pa nun magsulat...

na-turn-on tuloy ako HAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

@pilyo: lol