Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Press Conference - the latest craze to hit the blogworld community. I cannot figure how it got so popular when its easy to raise an inquiry to another person. I for one would send an email, an SMS text or leave a message in a comment box when I needed to know something. Day in and day out, Twitter gets flooded with updates about new queries answered on Formspring. Some post it sparingly, while others have turned their entire micro-blogging application as an extension of their Formspring. This is a cyber and everything is free. I may have some reservations as to how others conduct themselves, but its not for me to bitch around and question their expression.

Since we're on the subject of Formspring, I think my fascination with it has waned considerably. Aside from being preoccupied by many things to answer questions thrown at me, most of my free time is devoted to writing. That's why I don't ask questions back.

Anyway, to maintain the essence of my micro blogging account, no new updates from Formspring will be posted on Twitter. I would still continue to reply to questions as honest and sensible as I possible. As a wrap-up for this "Press Conference" called for this entry, here are some of the more interesting questions I answered so far:

If you could ask God just one question, what would you ask him? by MaxFlux

Will I get to live another life?

If you could change a part of your PLU life, what would you change? by notimacoy

I want to start all over again. At this time and age, everything seem so routine. The thrill of meeting new people has escaped me and so does exploring places where people like us go.

Would u take advantage, in a sexual way, guys who are drunk? by just4Trip

I always follow a strict rule when it comes to my sexual conduct: Let them strike first. :) So no.

Ano ang gagawin mo if one day nagising ka at nalaman mo na kaya mo makipag-usap sa mga ipis at ganun din ang mga ipis sa iyo? makikipag friends ka ba sa mga ipis? hindi mo na ba sila papatayin? ano masasabi mo sa powers mo? by stargunn

Maraming tsismis akong malalaman pag nagkataon. And I would use it to bribe people. Lolz. Seriously, if I could talk to ipis and tell them to abandon my house, bakit kelangan ko pa sila patayin?

What could possibly become of you if ur parents got separated when you are just a kid? by just4Trip

My father and mother lived separate lives when I was growing up. :)

First Philippine celebrity male crush(es) mo? by pads01

Monseur Del Rosario, Gary Estrada saka si Ricardo Cepeda. Hahaha. First time ko ni-reveal to ha!

What is your most coveted career path? Would you consider yourself going to that same path right now? What is your dream job? by Anon

Nice question! :) I would love to be a travel writer or a blogger who gets paid for writing essays. Another dream job would be a professor or an internet researcher who gets paid well.

Assuming that you like girls too, do you like them older or younger than you? by Anon

I like them older. Preferable a single mom, and somewhat a butch. Much as I hate to admit, I get along well with ladies with lesbian tendencies.


Galen said...

On second thought, that's why some of us got really hooked up with Formspring is because we could be like contestants in a Q/A portion in a beauty/male pageant. Hahaha.

gillboard said...

matagal nakong may formspring, wala naman nagtatanong sakin... hehehe

Padsiefoot said...

So sino satin si Shushmita Sen? Hahaha!

Dhon said...

i think.. hindi pa yan sikat dito sa cebu.. :( so i am thinking walang queations for me..

Yj said...

ang sarap lang mang intriga sa formspring.... si Wiwik, binabarubal ko sa mga tanong hahahahaha

bunwich said...

formspring me -- ewankojohn

mel beckham said...

Me having second thoughts. Baka walang magtanong, langawin pa ako. Mwahaha

Miss you baby.

Galen said...


Kasi naman yata wala kang advertisement na may formspring ka na.


Ikaw na. Basta ako si Miss Valenzuela. Hahaha!

Galen said...


Sus, yung mga magkakakilala rin yung nagtatanungan eh. San ka pa!


Eh kasi naman yung isang nagtatanong eh out-of-this-world ang mga banat. Hahaha.

Galen said...


Sige add kita sa formspring ko. :)

Miss Beckham:

Sobrang miss na rin kita sweetpea. Pusta ko kapag nagkaroon ka ng Formspring tapos inadvertise mo kina Lyka and friends, puro award winning ang mga tanong sayo. Hahahaha.

Dhon said...

OO nga.. Napansin ko!

Galen said...


See! The only reason why others would bother to ask you questions is whether you get to blog sensual entries or...

You show some skin on your blog. Hahaha.

Dhon said...

Conservative kasi ako! ;)
Soon.. when i will see result with my going to the gym (*wink)

Galen said...


That's good. Those who restrain themselves are the ones I'm most comfortable speaking with.

Goodluck with your workout pare.

Padsiefoot said...

Haha! Bagay dito yung pageant na sinalihan ni Ewik.

"Ewik, 24, Camanava!!"


wanderingcommuter said...

ang saya lang ng formspring! tea, bakit di kita finofollow? hmmm

Galen said...


Aba malay ko. Hindi ko rin alam kung sino nagfofollow sa aken.


Behave! Magagalit si Baby Tiger. :P

Menthos said...

This is really a fun thing to do! I'll do it myself and post the result in my new blog

Dhon said...

@Galen -- Hahaha.. delayed response.. ikaw rin.. muka ka naman nag wowork-out.. :)