Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Light Year

Monday: February.8.2010

Arrived at the office at six in the morning. Served as the Team Leader's assistant on the floor. Workload was heavy for the agents so I tried to volunteer. The Team Leader hesitated. I guess there's an unwritten rule among officers to avoid doing the job of the agents. Or maybe I wasn't insistent enough. Nevertheless, when the Team Leader had to take her break, I took charge of the floor. Everything was fine. I was able to handle the agents well. Left the building at past two in the afternoon.

At quarter to three, I went to the gym to work out. Learned that my weight dropped five pounds in just one week.

Four O'Clock. Went home to get some sleep.

Six Thirty in the evening. Watched the news on the Kapamilya Network. Tired of politics, I switched to Cartoon Network instead.

Eight Thirty: Went back to the office for the 10 pm teleconference.

Past Eleven: Teleconference ends. The boss dropped me several blocks from the building where I could take a jeep going home.

Tuesday: February.9.2010

Midnight. Wrote a blog entry about the top 100 most handsome pinoy bloggers while resolving a misunderstanding with an old friend. Ties that were thought strained were reaffirmed.

Past Two Thirty. Logged out from the internet. Prayed before going to sleep.

Woke up at eight in the morning. Took some time to prepare for work. Laziness struck, I arrived at the office at past 9.

Spent eight hours reading emails from clients, responding to blog comments and chatting with friends over Meebo.

2:30. Meeting with supervisors from the afternoon shift. Learned that my boss supports my presidential candidate.

6:00 Exhausted and mentally fatigued, left the office to rush some errands at Recto. Arrived at Isetann before eight. Was able to find an optical shop to get my eyeglasses fixed. A screw went missing and it needed an immediate replacement. The whole procedure lasted five minutes. After paying twenty pesos for the service, the shop finally closed.

I walked all the way from Recto to Carriedo to find a Chinese Drugstore. Needed a new menthol stick for the one I've been using is almost gone. Learned that all Chinese Drugstores close at seven. Disappointed, I went to my next objective which was to find a street vendor selling cheap gym gloves. I found one and bought a new pair for 100 pesos. The gym gloves are expected to last until next month.

I arrived home at past nine.

Told my mom I'd be doing double shift. I would have to be at work by six in the morning and return for the graveyard shift at 10 in the evening. Before I could elaborate my very busy schedule, she asked if I could take over her class at three. She has a meeting with the chairman of her department and nobody will facilitate the examinations for her class. I turned down her request explaining my situation. Also, I told her about my near-empty Menthol Stick. Getting some vibes that I might reconsider should I get hold of my urgent need, mom said she hasn't used hers. It's the one I bought several months ago. She offered it and to express my gratitude, I reversed my decision and agreed to facilitate her prelims exam tomorrow.

Wednesday: February.10.2010

Projected Schedule

Work at six in the morning
Leave the office at 2 in the afternoon
Take over mom's class at 3
Leave the state university at 4
Buy orders for the raket at 5
Hopefully, would be able to get some sleep by 6
Wake up at 7. Prepare for the gym.
Work out must be over by nine to attend the meeting with the graveyard shift supervisors.
Teleconference with clients at 11.

Thursday: February.11.2010

Go home to get some well-deserved rest at 6 in the morning.


red the mod said...

I reckon its gonna be a long arduous day. And that long-awaited sleep will be well-earned and deserved. We go through our itineraries like there's no tomorrow, and the requisites of today might deliberate our future. And often, it does.

So godspeed, and may your perseverance be unfailing. I too have a hectic workweek. Sadly, my arias of affectionate affairs is turning out to be a cough-off excuse for blogging, I didn't intend this.

8 consolidation
10 conceptualization
11 brunch meeting
1 shift to another project
10 leave for the apartment
11 rest for an hour
12 leave for homebase
2 hopefully arrive at homebase
4 wake up for work
8 be at the office

Steady lang tol. Kaya yan.

♥ ruby ♥ said...

wow. hectic. o_O
but at least you have it all planned. :)
I'm sure you're looking forward to Thursday! Hehe.

Good luck J! :D

Herbs D. said...

wtf. you know your time, mate! dayyuum. mine's the usual; sleep, eat, shit, drive, eat, shit, blog, facebook, and sleep. pretty awesome eh? I know.

bunwich said...

ang busy naman... asan ang lovelife diyan? LOL

i'm glad you find time to pray, at teacher din ba mom mo?

citybuoy said...

wow. amazing how we find time for all the things we need to do no?

john stanley said...

why do we have to take life so seriously to the point of sacrificing time for ourselves?

hayyy, i longed for the day where i could just sit around in front of the beach, sipping cocktails, enjoying life without any care in the world.

now when will that happen?

lee said...

wow a very busy day for you. but very well planned, i should say :)

~Carrie~ said...

A carefully planned day is a successfully executed one. All the best, J!

carl said...

nasan na ang oras para sa churvahan, joms? ^_^

engel said...

you need to sleep more my friend. =)

domjullian said...

Galing! I can't do those things in succession.

Dhon said...

Me.. i don't even write it down.. :) time just flies by! :)

Anonymous said...

Paano magnominate sa Top100 bloggers? nominate kita. ;p

Galen said...


Haha! Madidisqualify ako dun. Lolz


Good for you, I really have to write it down so every minute counts. Nagkadelay-delay nga ako kanina eh, so I had to give up one errand for an extra hour's rest.


It would become overwhelming if I don't plan my schedule. Now that I'm almost done with my to do list, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would.

Galen said...


I try to have at least seven hour sleep every day. Nakukuha naman kahit paano.


Nagbabalak akong magpaka-mongha muna. Hehehe. Nag-average ako ng once a month nitong last quarter.


Thank you. Ikaw rin.

Galen said...


It wasn't as busy as I thought it would. But it helped that I carefully planned the events for today.


I was very tempted to reply this morning that all I ever wanted was a very long and uninterrupted sleep. Nakapag nap rin ako eventually. Hehehe.


I had to give up some things to get some rest. Those that were not essential were scrapped today.

Galen said...


Yup, teacher mom ko and I get to handle her class from time to time. Heheh. Praying is good, specially when you don't have anyone to talk to and unburden your troubles.


Enjoy! When you get older, your responsibilities will take most of your time. :)

Donald said...

@Galen -- i can't blame you.. i would have given up the entire errands if it already involves sleeping.. Sleep Hoar here! :)

Galen said...


Believe me, planned na ang itenerary ko for Thursday. Fully booked rin. :(

Red The Mod:

Goodluck on your work schedule. I will make sure mines as less stressful as possible. And you take care going home.

Galen said...


I was only able to scrap one of the itenerary because I've realize that I can do it tomorrow. Still, my schedule would be hectic until the weekends. :(

Mac Callister said...

whew!you're a workaholic!i'll die if i have that kind of sched!haha

thecuriouscat said...

nagpapaka busy hehe

Galen said...


I didn't push myself to the edge. Nevertheless, everything went according to plan.


Sus naka-text mo pa nga ako kanina eh. Ibig sabihin, di ako ganun ka-busy. Lolz.

Ay nagmumultitasking pala ako.

Anonymous said...

lagare ah, hinay-hinay lang. :)

Anonymous said...

once a month... not bad. love it! nadurog ka ba?

Galen said...


Sobra pa yun. Twice a month ang ideal. Balak kong i-extend hanggang March ang pag-aabstain ko.


Ganun yata talaga pag marami kang responsibilities eh. In time, ma-aappreciate mo rin mga sinasabi ko kuya. :)

辣炒年糕Blue said...