Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skin Deep

I wonder.
Since when did writing become a pageantry of looks.


Bloggers have become celebrities in their own right. By expressing their thoughts, their causes and opening their public lives, they have earned the admiration of many. It's time to rank them!!! This search for Top 100 Most Handsome Pinoy Bloggers for 2010 the blogosphere cosmo of good-looking bloggers.


1. Good-looking blogger. Your blog must be active for the last 6 months.
2. You should be Pinoy or of Pinoy ancestry.
3. Must have a picture of yourself anywhere in your blog or your face must be recognizable by other bloggers.
4. Bloggers can nominate themselves.
5. Bloggers who are seeking political positions this year are not allowed to join.

Indulge yourself.


♥ ruby ♥ said...

serious? tbh, most of them are not guapo or at least photogenic. o_O

huwaw. props to those who nominated them tho.

iurico said...

holy mother! Ü

Manech said...

There's just one logical conclusion: Blogsphere is the new Downelink.

justine said...

baka naman the next g4m? hhehe

~Carrie~ said...

I'd like to vote for #65 DatsWhy and #70 David. Etchos! Na-fly swat na naman ang insekta kong pagkatao. Huhuhu

citybuoy said...

this blogger i follow posted a link nga. he was nominated daw. i dunno. i just felt strange as i was going through the list. may point si ruby. some aren't that good looking or at least not good looking enough to be in such a list. i think the only one i really find hot is coconutter but then again na-TV na yan diba? haha

lol@manech and justine. some people like to think so.

engel said...

i have blog friends nominated there, so i have no comment. =)

Galen said...


I wonder how would your friends feel if they'd be pitted against BryanBoy, David (Coconuter) and Datswhy.


Masyadong stereotype yung mga choices mo. Hanap tayo ng medyo exotic hehe.

Galen said...


They say good looks are subjective.



Now I feel upset as to why I posted this entry.


I'm just suppressing my rage because I know, something's not right about this publicity stunt.

Galen said...


If I'd let my insanity free, I'd stalk some of the candidates there.


As a friend puts it, Blogosphere has become a dating site for many.

It takes a lot of discipline and willpower not to see things in that perspective.

Hopefully, I've learned.


Do you have a candidate sir?

Anonymous said...

ang demanding naman. kelangan talaga whole package na. maayos na magsulat may natatanging ganda pa.

Niel Camhalla said...

"Since when did writing become a pageantry of looks."

Blogging is not just writing. Blogging is multimedia and it can range from an art form to a mockery. To say 'you can only do so and so in blogging' is to say 'men are only for women'.

Galen said...


I'd like to agree with you. But take a look at this statement:

"By expressing their thoughts, their causes and opening their public lives, they have earned the admiration of many."

Now the question is, do you think that this "search for Top 100 Most Handsome Pinoy Bloggers for 2010 the blogosphere cosmo of good-looking bloggers" a pageantry or a mockery?


May mga kilala akong whole package. And they blog anonymously. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Essentially blogging is about writing.Writing in a post-modern medium.What's writing got to do with a writers looks?

Herbs D. said...

i think tinitignan na nila kung sino ngayung ang mga writers nerong looks & brains. pwede rin namang kung sino sa mga writers ang may looks lang pero walang brain hehehe...ehem..ehem...LOL

Herbs D. said...

p.s. i voted for Gasoline Dude 'cause i think he's hot. LOL like, fer realz. hes the only blogger na vinote ko diyan. ano ba prize?

Anonymous said...

parang substance and form, substance over form,form over substance,form without substance,substance without form,no form and substance altogether?! lolx

justine said...

naku galen, akala ko kasali ka dun hehehe, when i opened the link I was surprised! blogger b tlaga sila? hehehe

Galen said...


You really know who practices the craft and who's just there for.. umm.. the popularity.

Like you, I don't have the answer to your question.


I didn't check their blogs, even the cute ones. Na-disappoint ako sa writing nung una kong bet eh. Hahaha.

Prize? Hindi ko rin alam eh. Hopefully something profound and meaningful would come out of this, and not just a shabby badge those people from mainstream sends to their winners.

Galen said...


Katuwaan na rin lang, mareport nga ito sa TNL. I'm sure they'll have a field day checking out who among the candidates there are TNL and DTNL. Wahahahaha!!!


Bago ako sumali dun, inonominate ko muna si Maxwell saka si Johnny Cursive. Hahahaha!

red the mod said...

I suddenly missed LoudCloud's seminal legacy - The Blog Awards Challenge. Now that's an award worth vying for.

Blogging, although these days is replete with multimedia bells and whistles, should inherently still be about the written idea. And I'd like to contest that the number of followers do not necessarily equate with the success of a blog as an admirable work of literature.

Pinoy lineage or descent, not ancestry.

Bloggers can nominate themselves? What sort of conceited narcissistic invitation is this?

I don't find this entertaining at all. There are a lot of anonymous bloggers out there worthy of praise, yet they feel no need to self-aggrandize their talent.

The deeper the water, the more still it is.

Johnny Cursive said...

jusme. someone's got too much time in their hands to put up this farce. At least we can all take it lightly and get a good chuckle out of it =)

Galen my bayaw, bago mo ko inominate, ikakampanya muna kita. video advertisement pa ang ipapagawa ko. "Paid for by the friends of galen." LOL

pero sana lang walang kups na magnonominate ng anonymous blogger at magpadala ng totoong facepic nya diba. that wouldn't be funny =S

mel beckham said...

When I first encountered that contest, natawa ako. When I saw some of the nominees, mas natawa ako. In the end, it's just a popularity contest so no biggie. Beauty is not totally external anyway.

Anonymous said...

@Manech: ditto. lol.

@Johnny Cursive: uu nga, i could just imagine kung biglang lumabas yung real pic ng isang anonymous blogger, talk about invasion of privacy. scary.

@Galen: this is clearly a popularity contest. i think the winner here would most probably be the most goodlooking but not necessarily a good writer.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

a guy judging who is handsome amongst the guys.. uhhmm.. uhmm

no comment.

goodluck na lang sa 'coming out' moments nila

bunwich said...

nawala ako sa wisyo bigla... will the winner take home the crown, sach and scepter? will he be given a motorcade as well? LOL

Dhon said...

Na shock ako bakit ako nasa list! Whhaaaaatttt!!!

domjullian said...

Holy cow! Sino nag nominate sa iba? Pag sila mismo nag nominate sa sarili nila, they're probably disturbed.

napatawa mo ko sa pics ng iba. :P

Galen said...


Bryanboy and Coconuter for sure didn't nominate themselves. Were they nominated? Probably. But most likely it was the blogger owner who got their pictures and nominated them to reach the top 100 goal.


May fan ka siguro na nagnominate sa iyo. :)


The winner gets a badge, "Ako ang pinakagwapong pinoy blogger award" Ewan ko lang if he'd be proud to put it in his blog.

Unless you call yourself pogi even before the award was bestowed on you.

Galen said...


It will be people like us who would vote. Miss Purple and John Stan vote for Coconuter. I vote for boylet number 54. Wait till the twink lovers of Encanto discover the blog, they'll have a block vote. Since polygamy is allowed in the group, baka meron biglang magkaroon ng bagong asawa.


Not unless we vote for a cute guy who's also a prolific writer. Meron ka na ba napili? Lolz.

Mel Beckham

I'm sure sweetpea, tumaas ang kilay mo. Nag-freeze pa ng ilang oras kakabrowse nung mga blogs ng ibang mga contestants.

Galen said...

Johnny Cursive:

Bai, it's a good thing there's a provision in the criteria saying a nominee must have a picture of himself in the blog.

In fairness, there are good-looking bloggers who were nominated. The bad thing is that the average ones were pitted against them.

Nobody - even for katuwaan - deserve such awkwardness.

Red The Mod:

Loud Cloud's Blog Awards Challenge should have been given more spotlight. Prestige indeed is bestowed to the one who wins that award. Too bad, our cloud's been busy now.

I agree to everything you said.

wanderingcommuter said...

b;pggomg and beauty pageant...

hindi ko talaga mahanapan ng connection. sorry! hehehe

Herbs D. said...

hay nako. parang mga beauty pageant lang to. pakapalan ng mukha hahaha. kung titignan mo, yung mga gwapo talaga ang hindi sumasali. O HA! hahahahah.

Galen said...


Isang malaking check para sa iyo. Heheheh!!


Lasing ka no?

Niel Camhalla said...

Definitely its a mockery, a joke and I bet natawa ka or at least napangiti. ;)

I'd like to think that you and the person who initiated that award has, more or less, the same sentiments. He/She used some wit and sarcasm and I love sarcasm. The best form of sarcasm is giving compliments (like awards) when in fact you're mocking them.

Galen said...


I wish to believe your assumption but I doubt if the person who initiated the award has the same motivation like some of us think. Despite my initial reaction of puzzlement, guess we're in for a good laugh.

Or better yet, a good source of new people to stalk.

Anonymous said...

top 100 most handsome bloggers tapos ang nominees nasa 120, so more of ranking na lang to, kawawa naman yung 20 na malalaglag.

e pano pa kung may mag tie? so in short pasok na silang lahat.

ewan ko sa kanila.

thecuriouscat said...

bwahaha dami ko kakilala dun ah

Galen said...


Ang mangyayari yata eh may elimination. Like what Mel Beckham said. It's just a popularity contest.


Hindi kaya nominated ka rin dun?

辣炒年糕Blue said...