Monday, January 17, 2011


Consider it your beginner's luck, and be humble. Not everyone who drops by unannounced at a global off-shore company gets to sign a job offer the following day. We were surprised to learn that your semi-planned trip to the Business District would turn out the way unforeseen. All we know is that you were planning to pay the remaining balance of your mother's memorial plan. Next in your list was to check about that pay your family will get from the ex dictator next month.

But here you are accomplishing what your heart desires.

With only the office address in your mobile phone to lead the way, the recruiters granted you brief audience. Asked what job position you applied and you said "Data Analyst," a career you overheard from another applicant sitting beside you. Forget about the bloody exam, which took three hours of your precious time. Forgive yourself for flunking business math in school (which urged you to guess the correct answers in some of the multiple choice questions) and accept that you easily get distracted and it showed, without resistance during the multi-tasking part of the test.  What really mattered is that you passed and you were granted another interview, now with the HR officer.

It was the pretty lady with a porcelain face who asked the questions. Questions about your past jobs, your previous lives and your thoughts about reincarnation.  At the back of your head you know you will be reborn as a corporate, underpaid slave.  With no job permanence to speak of, and a shifting schedule which would further mess your already fucked-up body clock, you accepted the offer after clearing your throat.  The HR was clearly impressed with your record.  "Never underestimate the power of starting with a clean slate," you said.  This is why you are willing to leap back to an entry level position,

despite being next to the manager in your present existence.

Is this what you really want, Mugen?

Contract signing is at ten in the morning.  They have asked you to bring your academic records, your NBI clearance - to make sure you're not an enemy of the state, and a certificate of employment from your present company.  Had you been doing the routine before, documents such as the one required are easy to produce.

But this is your first try. 

Never forget.  Chatzone thought you will stay.  You haven't pronounced your intention to leave. 

Thus,  much as we would like you to move on and start all over again,  I'm afraid your place is elsewhere. Life had  let you take a peek at what lies ahead. This is you in the coming months: selling your talents for a slice of material pleasures. It won't take an Einstein to know where your happiness lies.


You deserve better.


Desperate Houseboy said...

I feel you Mugen. Lagi ko sinasabi sa sarili ko mahalin ang trabaho dahil mahirap ang wala ka nito. Pero saan nga ba tayu magiging masaya. I wish you all the best . Lotsalove. mwah

uno said...

hi po... xlink po tayo... i already follow you... follw me back heheh

Nielz said...

So ano, Absenture ka na? lol.. dun ka na maghahasik ng lagim at magwiwisik ng kagandahan? lol.

rufusOmar said...

Good luck. Just a year ago, I signed a contract with one company which would be my first ever job in the Philippines. I'm still here. All the best to you this New Year.

Blakrabit said...

Yes, you deserve better master! Overqualified ka naman for an entry level position. Pero ganyan din ako dati, attending job interviews hanggang mag bigay ng job offer then I'd decline kasi di pa ko magpapaalam sa company. Hirap pag ayaw mo na sa company but compliated things prevent you from moving on.

Mac Callister said...

new adventure? so undecided ka pa?


Sean said...

baka magkita tayo sa tabi-tabi

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

i also feel for you sir mugz,,

sabi nga nila, though you're an inch away from being one of the gods, it might not always be the deal. we also have to look inside ourselves on where and how we can be truly happy..

wanderingcommuter said...


mukhang everything is falling on its rightful place sa iyo... so happy!

congrats and goodluck kuya joms!