Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Golden Gays (First Part)

"Noong panahon namin, kami ang hinahabol ng mga lalaki."

It was Mother Leony's turn to speak.  We have come to that portion where the golden ladies shared their lives with the audience.

"May lover ako nun. 30 years rin kami nagsama."  I wasn't able to follow the rest of her story.  We were busy giving away meals to at least thirty senior guests who showed up for the get-together.  It is safe to assume that he left like all the men who came into her life.

At 80 years old,  Mother Leony is the eldest resident of the Home for the Golden Gays.  The place is a retirement home for old and abandoned gay people.  But as I learned through talking with the visiting residents, it has also become a sanctuary for drifters - young and old alike.  People come and go, but those who find the place warm and cozy, stay for the rest of their lives.

The change in venue didn't stop me from my pursuit, which is to mingle and learn from the elder folks.  The resource speaker spoke about the value of being successful in our career while we are still young.

"Ang lalaki, kusang lumilipas yan. Mahalaga na mayroon kang trabaho kasi pagtanda mo, walang mag-aalaga sa iyo."   He was a confessed ex bath house queen and I think he was referring to the stereotyped  PALs (palamunin) abounding in his time.

I wasn't able to get his name, but he spoke well of the founder of the retirement home, Justo Justo.  He was a councilor in Pasay City before half of his body was paralyzed by stroke. The way it seems, the idea grew during JJ's time in show business.  Though very popular and much sought after by celebrities, he knew his time was running out.  He also wanted to look after his clique who were fast aging and had no place to go.

Justo Justo offered his home, and through his showbiz ties and extended connections, he was able to build a network of self-supporting individuals who combined their resources and pioneered what has become the Home for the Golden Gays.

After the resource speaker had left, a beauty pageant followed (what's new!)  The lolas strutted the stage with  their gowns and witty banters.  To make the beaucon more exciting, kids from the MGGFF (Manila Gay Guy Find a Friend)  sent their own delegates.  

Mother Leony in her Puta Red Saya

Miss Gloria "Ertha Kitt" Manila in her Polka Dot Lounge Gown

Just imagine the aspiring beauconeras standing beside their elder counterparts.  The scene could have been more dramatic if the younger contestants paid tribute (a beso perhaps) to their living ancestors. While not being fan of beaucons,  I saw the significance of the pairing.  Amidst the okrayan and laughter, you would know the seasoned from the rookie.

The legends have been doing the same routine their entire lives. It's almost like a passing of the torch.

It's a good thing there was no swimwear competition. The lolas were seemed game and it could have been a riot had they showed their sagging skin.  Queeriosity would sure grab the headlines by sponsoring the first-ever swimwear competition between the elderly contestants and their younger counterparts.    

Miss Hispaniola in her Sheath Backless Gown

Miss Lola Gaga in her Lavender Wig and Violet Blouse 

I have never really understood the fine art of Q and A portion, but I think for all Miss Gay Pageants this has been the soul of the competition.  Miss Hispaniola won the crown.  The judge asked if she was a faucet where does she want the torrent of water come out of her body.

"Siyempre sa bunganga, para pag mabaho, diretso hugas na!"  Everyone clapped at her answer.

Her younger counterpart, a broad-shouldered manly looking chic (?),  took off her gown to expose a black lingerie before answering the question.

"Lotion, Baby Oil or Powder?"  He chose rubbing alcohol.

And for that answer, she was crowned runner up.  In a beaucon, it seems, the more unexpected your performance, the better the chances of winning.

Meanwhile, I was talking to this Chinese-looking old chap sitting in across. His soft features reminded me of our kid, Shoti (Punked)



RainDarwin said...

abangan ko ang kasunod nito.. pakibilis-bilisan.

or pasyal ka sakin now na!

kwentuhan mo ko. hahahahahah.

parang di ko kayang tumandang bakla, tumitindig balahibo ko.. whew!!!

blagadag said...

dalian mo naman ang karugtong. baka bukas, andoon na ako. saan ba to? paano pumunta doon?

Jo said...

beaucons LOL can never live without.

It also occurred to me eventually. I'd grow old and if I don't do something about it, I'm gonna be withered, lonely, hiding in the dark.

Maybe thats what also inspired me to take care of myself. I will grow old, but I shouldn't grow ugly. Or maybe perhaps, if I do, I would earn the respect of the community in general.

JR said...

Hmmmmm Very interesting topic Master! Next part please...Next time, I'd like to help you guys out in this noble project in as much as I can ;-)

Guyrony said...

The viewpoint of the mature will always be a welcome approach in seeing gay life in a different albeit, old school perspective.

Someday, we will be them, maybe not living in a home like them but we will degenerate...

Welcoming ageing may not be easy but it is inevitable.

punked said...

alam mo na itsura ko pag tanda! wahahahaha

Désolé Boy said...

i have the same reaction with Papa P
they all look awesome! this gave me an idea for a story..hmmnnn
thanks kuya!

hard2getxxx said...

tama sila hanggat bata pa eh kailangan ng magipon ng pera. kasi some of us baka tumanda ng magisa lang.

may napanood akong japanese movie titled Maison de himiko parehong pareho dito

isang home for the aged ng mga bading. and yung bidang babae eh may tatay na bakla at nakatira siya sa home for the aged and may lover pa siyang younger guy na nagwowork sa home for the aged.

Sean said...

medyo nakakakabang sumilip sa aking posibleng future. pero mukha naman silang masaya.

Jake said...

30 years?! Whoa. Kaya namin lagpasan yun hehehe.

Anyway, the journalistic approach to your post is impeccable. Ang galing. Ganda ng structure, kasing ganda ng red puta gown ni MOther sa Picture Number 1 hehehe.

You're doing a good thing to start the year right. Kudos to MGGFF kids. :)

Nimmy said...

natatawa ako sa mga answers at ang scene stealer na black lingerie! vonggga! can't for the continuation! hihi

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

pacenxa sir mugs, but after reading the entry, i dont know kung anu ba ang dapat kong reaction,, kung anu anu kasi bigla ang pumasok sa isip ko abt the future

nonetheless, gow for gold na lang sa kanila... pak!!!

wait ko kasunod!!

Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me right, twas 36 years. And the presenter is Salve de Asis (?) Not really sure on this one; I'll be back once I remember his name.

Nevertheless, great review! :)

Carlo said...

bet ko si lola gaga. hehe
we will learn a lot from these much experienced ladies :)

M.I. said...

Thanks for sharing Mu[g]en. Wisdom from these matured individuals is very helpful and informative for us young ones.

It also made me think of having a home just like this for those who are in need of it. :)

orally said...

ok, nalungkot ako ng slight.
natakot ng slight.
pero yun nga mukha naman silang masaya

Anonymous said...

OMG, Markova. But the hell! As long as they're still happy after all the shits they've gone through, I myself wouldn't care! I wish everyone to be just gay forever. I mean, happy! :P

soltero said...

seryoso, nung nakita ko ang mga pics, lalo na nung nabasa ko yung unang linya...parang ayoko na ituloy basahin ang story..

in a few years...parang linya ko yung unang line...ang kaibahan lang, di ako nakadamit babae at naka makeup......

dovan said...

agree me with papa solts... it's hard to be optimistic about this...

Bloiggster said...

this reminded me of the gay parloristas i saw while walking sa isang kalye dito sa amin. they used to be fresh and bonggang bongga talaga nung kabataan nila but they have withered already.

made me think, magiging ganito ba ako sa hinaharap? di man ako cross dresser tulad nila, but the thought of getting old alone is really very depressing.

kudos to JJ for putting up something like this to help our gay lolas.

isulat mo na ang next friendship mugen na mahaba ang hair! :)

Yj said...

ang saya naman... kuya last january 2 ay nasa san nicolas ilocos norte ako, nag co-host sa isang miss gay pageant... hehehehe

Anonymous said...

God, I sure missed a lot. I was thinking of dropping by up to the last minute but I ran out of time.