Monday, January 10, 2011

The Boat Is Sinking

Our woes began at the middle of last year, when the management had learned that our funds were slipping. An urgent meeting was called and in less than a month, a quarter of our workforce had been retrenched. They were the first and last who left the company with their back-pays intact. Had the others knew they were in for more sacrifices, almost half of the people would have left.

The management held on to the belief that a reduction of manpower will allow the company to recuperate. It did for a month, but come September, production slid to alarming levels in one of the key accounts. The agents belonging to that account form the bulk of the remaining workforce. When numbers did not recover and the output remained stale and hopeless, a reduction in working hours became the policy of the company.

One by one, people were being nipped from their workstation. An agent working for her two children cannot live on 6K alone. A single mom with no one else to rely for support would dive into the black hole, hoping there is salvation beyond. All of a sudden, they found themselves working for call centers when they thought all their lives they don't have the voice.  They found themselves in alien shores clinging to one another, wishing their troubles would end.

Meanwhile, a season went by and two more accounts had closed. The noose is tightening around the company and the management was too stunned to make a move.

Should we close the company and declare it bankrupt?
How about those who held out since this crisis started?
What shall we do with the team leaders?
How do we pull this one off?

Too many questions yet the answer is already spelled out on the wall. The company cannot continue to run with its present number of people. One must shake the system until the undesirables fall. One is already certain who will remain and who will have to move on.

Of the 49 survivors who stuck with a sinking boat, only 16 has been asked to stay. None of the team managers were counted; the wretched HR officer was also ditched. Of the 16 souls who will form the new team, my uncle was not included. Mami Athena's future son-in-law also had to go and when the final numbers emerge, none of those I recommended to be retained would be considered.

I was asked by the boss to stay. With my ability to jump from one job post to another, (like becoming a QA analyst, a team leader and an agent in one sitting) my presence cannot be ignored.  Versatility has now revealed its ugly head. And with all the training I recieved, the company is exacting a price. I do not mind staying behind, and sink. (for I know how to swim) But at the back of my head, when I contemplate the very survival of my wealth, instincts begin to reassert: will fate remain kind, when suddenly,


I leave everything behind?

"I just want you to know that I cannot promise anything should you decide to stay," the boss cleared his throat. "hindi ko masasabi na magiging okay ang lahat after nito."  I was listening quietly. Mami Athena had already told me the risks of staying.

"But I want you to know that your presence will be well appreciated.  Hindi ko sinasabi sa lahat ng tao ito."
I don't know what to say.


James - M.I. said...

Tough call... to stay or not to stay. Which is which Mu[g]en?

Carlo said...

a difficult situation to be in. But let's hope for things to turn out fine.

The Constant Bonsaist said...

i was retrenched from my third company, luckily everything went well for my career after that.

i hope the same goes to those who were laid off in your company.

uno said...

hi ellow care to xlink...

Nimmy said...

ang lungkot naman. ang astig that you decided to stay! :D

Ronnie said...

I hope that things will get well soon, Mugen.

claudiopoi said...

goodluck mugen. im sure with your talent, hinding hindi ka mahihirapan makapaghanap ng trabaho ang excel at it. kaya yan. chin up! :)

Mu[g]en said...


I just stumbled a forked road. Even my mom don't know what to advise. I'm waiting for workforce movement.


If I stay, there's a good chance to boat will still sink. If I leave, I'd swim against the current.

The only difference is that should I opt to stay, I will be keeping my word and delay my drift into the sea. :(

Bonsai Hunter:

Heard they were adjusting. All of them are earning bigger than our agents.

Mu[g]en said...


I will. Welcome to my blog dude.


I haven't decided yet. Siguro dito naguugat yung dilemma. :(


Thanks, man.


What good is talent when you doubt yourself. One of the reasons I don't want to go is because I don't know what to do with my life.

red the mod said...

Be like the bamboo, swift and resilient, able to sway towards the whims of the wind.

The recession calls for us all to learn to diversify, grow our palette of skills and acuities so that opportunities are not chances we wait for, but rather situations we create ourselves.

It may seem a bit tart, but at the end of the day, remember to whom your original loyalty lies. Yourself.

It wouldn't hurt to look around, as I'm sure you know. Bentusi may be a sign of this. That there are chances for those willing to take it.

Writer mom said...

As they said in Ploning, if you leap with faith in God, only two things can happen: He'll catch you or He'll teach you how to fly.

Louie said...

A few months ago, I was also in the same dilemma, not because ours were sinking but because I felt that we are losing the core of why once we were known as the great in the industry. Hence, I decided that leaving is the best thing to do.

I am sure that there are greater opportunities for you should you decide to leave. But in case you'll stay, I hope that the condition will normalize soon. Who knows what's at the end of the line?

I am hoping that things will flow smoothly soon.

Kaya mo iyan! I wish you luck! :)

claudiopoi said...

i think to some extent, all of us doubt out our capabilities. this may sound off, since i don't know you personally, but i really think you are talented.

sure, doubt may perennially be there, but i think the tacky cliche of: 'adversity bringing out the best in us' is most apt in your situation right now. wag kang matakot, pagnilay nilayan mo na muna kung anu talaga ang gusto mo.

ako nga, i have been with this job na mejo matagal na. malaki din ang sahod. pero susuungin ko lahat para lang makapag abugasiya. so im officially enrolling this june.

and leaving everything behind.
kaya mo yan, kaibigan.

JasonPaul said...

Oh man, i hate situations like these. The ones where you have to make grown-up decisions. Well, whatever your choice will be, I bet it will work out just fine.

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

ang jirap naman nito... haaays.. kaya pray lang tayo for sound decisions.. but everything will be okay naman kahit anu pa piliin mu..

Sean said...

very hard decision. good luck mugen.

daniel said...

Wow. I'm speechless.

Mu[g]en said...


Ganun talaga sis. At least you know what happened after you left.


Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


I always tend to see the glass half empty, it appears it was half full.

Mu[g]en said...


I am already 29. Trust me, the decisions I made when I was 24 were much, much bigger. This time, the issues and considerations lie with the words I said in the past.


For all my potentials, I still seriously doubt my abilities. Siguro that's what's keeping me from lifting off.

But at least I know what I can do when push comes to shove. Sometimes, I just wish I have the balls and the clear thinking to do what I need to do.

Goodluck sa pagpasok mo sa law.

Mu[g]en said...


The stakes are rather high, if we can pull this off, I suppose we will be catapulted on the top. Just the same, when we fail, we will get nothing from this final sail.


Ayan ha! I already announced you're her. Lolz. I think the heavens have answered. I will share the almighty's reply in my next entry.


Bentusi is part of the equation and my guess is that her arrival is just part of the whole plan for me.

Anyway, its not yet time to leave. Maybe, just maybe, the answers will come right after the dust have finally settled.

tim said...

Oh, really bad to find it that way. But it's your choice. If you will leave, i know you can find best company, intact and great foundation. Stay cool!