Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The plan was to ride the storm until Friday before I relay my final decision.  It would be a graceful exit; one that is impossible to be refused. I would tell the management that I would move on to pursue my master's degree. After all, the thesis requires focus.  The tuition would be funded by a rich uncle from abroad, while the raketship would pay the bills.  The idea was so perfect, I don't have any reason why it will be rejected.

The day I gain my freedom, I would waste no time searching for leads: call centers, data management companies, website content and internet marketing. Any job that would require knowledge of the internet will be the target of my application.

Makati and Ortigas will be my hunting ground.

Leads that once I shared with colleagues will now be mine to exploit.  It won't be easy selling oneself, especially with my limited job experience.  However, sourcing knowledge has always been my advantage.  Not to mention, I'm a fast learner and a good writer. This is the reason I thrived with Bentusi. Not only do I earn, I learn from doing my work.

Speaking of Bentusi, her new company, Escrive will be my source of income. It doesn't pay much, but  I will make sure the earnings are enough to cover my bills - three credit cards, a cable subscription and a postpaid phone are the obligations I cannot ignore. The relatives would also be informed of the sudden changes, hoping that when lack of funds cripple the household (since it would leave my mother working alone) they could come to our aid.

The last time I was jobless, I held out for five months with my small savings. Projections revealed that I could endure three  without any crumpled bills lapping my pockets.  Three months is all I need to get back on my feet. It could be extended to four, should the raketship find more goldmines during my stay in limbo.  There will be frequent visits to Katipunan to seek refuge, and more time to blog while rewiring my life.

It took an entire night to plan this great escape, while beneath these reluctant posturing was the hope for signs to appear.  

Sa totoo, marami akong excuses para umalis.
Nandun na I'm sick of tired of doing the same job.  I also sympathize with the agents  who got booted out.
Sabi ko, I will draw the line once I learn that none of my people gets in.
Being transferred to the graveyard shift
was another consideration.
Call it lame and cheesy but I'd rather abandon this job
than losing a chance to be with my baabaa.

But fate has other plans.


They say the universe conspires when a person wants too much of something. As it turned out, it didn't take long for the omens to show up:

The names of agents recommended by the QA team were all approved.
The team leader who used to torment me, and then trained me to take over her position was asked to stay.
and there's a good chance I will not be permanently assigned to the graveyard shift.

I know it sucks to get left behind. But the stacks are in my favor and the pros too glaring not to notice.  The end of this saga remains elusive and in the end, we are still riding a sinking ship. Yet looking at how convenient the arrangements are, there's no reason not to take my place.  With all the cast of characters being assembled and the roles, recast with better actors, something tells me, there's still hope for the company:

its not too late to save what's left. 


Nimmy said...

at kinilig naman ako sa...

"i'd rather risk losing a job than losing a chance to be with my baabaa."


red the mod said...

As I have mentioned before, and have realized from experience, the universe gives us not what we want, nor what we need, but rather what we expect.

The verity of this is that when will is strong enough, fate must eventually cooperate. There are latent returns for those whose patience defy the odds. I cannot even begin to assess the situation you are in, nor will I dare choose to. But know this, perseverance precludes the severe.

I wish you not luck, but vigilance, not faith, but focus. Sizygy descends as manna to the patient. That the celestial occultation occurs, not by divine dalliance, but human handiwork.

For those, whose toil is worth every drop of blood and gush of sweat, the valuation of our occupation lies not in the empiricism of pecuniary ends, but in the gratification of a job well done, a purpose met, that the objective is an an object, but an transect. Of learning, evolving, and sharing.

You truly have inherited the best traits of your parents.

soltero said...

shits, yung "I'll Do ANything For lOve" drama ang tumimo sa aking puso bwahahahha...kilig!

anyways, hmmm ang saken lang, don't be too impulsive, isiping mabuti ang lahat - sayang din yung 3-4 months na yun... y not w8 to pack up kung meron na lng tlagang kapalit na sigurado...just my 2 cents :P

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Lucky baabaa! =)

Carlo said...

seems like you already have a plan. go to where your happiness is, sir. good thing you got baabaa by your side ;)

James - M.I. said...

Ang lalim ng comment ni Red the Mod. I like. :)

I know you'll survive Mu[g]en whichever choice you made. Aw, clear na clear na pala. Magreresign ka na. Kaya mo yan.

Nakayanan mo nga before ngayon pa. :)

Sobrang saya cguro ni Baabaa sa post na to. It just goes to show how much you love him. Swerte mo Baabaa. :)

my-so-called-Quest said...

ang sweet naman! ahiii

but just like soltero, kaya siguro di ka rin makaalis, at baka meron pang magandang mangyari in your company. pagisipang maigi if you'll stay or not. but still consider what you think is best for you.

Sean said...

aww. ang sweet naman nung part about baabaa.

naniniwala ako na the universe provides for us. good luck mugs! whatever happens, i'm sure you'll land on your feet.

Désolé Boy said...

I say do whatever you want and the world will take care of itself!
Ikaw pa! You won't be called Master Mu[g]en by people if you can't do great things.
Mazel tov!