Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tabula Rasa

So begins 2011.

In the past, the blog opened the year with a resolution; a bucket list of all the things the author wished to accomplish before the year closed. And while some goals ended up unfulfilled, I learn that pleasant achievements often replace the targets you failed to meet.

It is good to write down your goals, if you wish order and structure to serve as pillars to your life project. At least you have a time line and a concrete road map to your destination. But if spontaneity is what you desire, if you wish your resolutions to materialize only at a hindsight, let us scrap the bucket list and tread the year wearing a blindfold.

Let us see what surprises lie ahead.

So it is agreed that the blog will not see any resolutions this year. But it shall bear witness to the life constructs I will undertake. The attempts and turnarounds will be written, and so are the milestones I have been chasing .

I try not to think about the uncertainties, so as the brooding fears. This would be my last 365 days before  turning a new decade. I am hoping that with a blindfold on, I will find the boldness to cross life to the fullest.


my-so-called-Quest said...

may we all have a great 2011 ahead. happy new year. :)

Désolé Boy said...

hmmmnn i wonder how young master mu[g]en is... ;)
you'll sure have a great year. god bless!

Guyrony said...

Perhaps a great way to start the new decade is to throw away excess baggages.

Difficult as it may seem but nevertheless possible.

A splendid year to us indeed.

Anonymous said...

I never had any new year's resolution. I grew-up wearing a blindfold on, waiting for the surprises life brings. I guess adventure is my forte. Haha.

Happy New Year, Sir Mugen.

Mr. Hush Hush said...

happy new year Mugen! Lots of love love love this year! :) weh!

M.I. said...

Enjoy the journey and the destination Mu[g]en.

I'm looking forward to reading your adventures this year. :)

Carlo said...

happy new year, sir.
smile lang and be happy. hope you have a great great year ahead.

Sean said...

i'm usually scared of surprises, but faith always pulls me through.