Saturday, January 15, 2011

Search For The T'Boli

come to think of it, I haven't read a pinoy lesbian blog

I used to sense them more than I could sense my kind. Underneath their feminine instinct is an attraction reserved only for chicks.  You notice the way they dress: their faded jeans and monochrome shirts howl of masculinity. You feel them in the way they assert their convictions: their dominance you find strangely appealing. Their songs strike a chord:  Indigo Girls and Tori Amos comes to mind. Though their sports often repulse you, their fight is your fight.  For no matter how distant and exclusive they have become, they are, after all, part of the third tribe.

The leap of faith was made possible when a group of lipstick dykes agreed to show up. It was my first eyeball: It was the day I freed myself from self doubt. During that first meeting, I met three of them. They joined the fray together with  the gays and confused men of our time. Only one name I still remember. Hers is Mymnosene. She was a perky little chick who had a short hair and beaming smile. These three ladies made me feel at ease that night. They lend me their patient ears and listened to my ramblings. Then they stepped back when I found acceptance. Soon, I joined my tribe and went our separate ways.

As time passed, the less I hear from the T'boli.  I might have entrenched myself too deep in my own universe, words from their worlds have failed to reach me. The gay men have made their presence felt across blogspace. But none I know of lesbians.

I've been thinking about this for quite sometime.  Now that I have set aside my conflicts and embraced my sexual preference; Now that I'm free from the sick cycle of meat market and habitual visits to the dance floors.

Now that I have put myself in a place where seeing the womyn is like seeing oneself inverted in the mirror,

It is time to seek wisdom from the other side and grow.

The search for the T'boli begins.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

maigig tugrill ka na???



Nimmy said...

nagpapaturo ka sa kanila kuya??? uhmmmm. uhmmmm. ahihihihihihi

Alter said...

They’re wild creatures who take their privacy very seriously so good luck on that.

kung may mahanap ka man, h'wag na h'wag kang sisigaw sa bahaging ito ng blogosperyo. hehe ;)

WV: artier

datu/the wilted prune said...

I think they're out there, they just don't find it necessary to center their blog on their sexual orientation. :)

Sean said...

taka rin ako. andami kong nakikita (they are as varied as we are - may traditional na tomboyish, uber ganda na nakaka-straight ng buhok ko, super gwapo na nakaka-lesbiana sa akin, atbp.) pero sa utopia-asia wala masyadong venues for them. pero sa pinagbakasyunan ko, mas open sila kasi i saw a lot of couples na holding hands and they kiss pa in the trains. kinalabit ko asawa ko, siniko naman ako haha!

Nishiboy said...

I have plenty of lesbian friends dahil sa org. May point si alter, mas malihim nga sila kesa sa atin.

Blakrabit said...

Okay, i was going to comment pero masyadong humaba hehe naging instant blog entry! Wee!

Carlo said...

I have some lesbian friends too and I think they're kinda cool. Yung iba may asawa na ngayon and may anak na. Yung iba, tibo pa rin. hehe.

JR said...

Master Mugen! Papaalam lang si Greatkid_08 iyo! Salamat sa lahat! isang malakas na kiss sa betlog mo! mwah!

Im so happy for you na nakakita ka na ng mapapasaya sa iyo! Thanks for the friendship! susubaybayan ko pa rin ang blog mo :-)