Saturday, January 15, 2011


January 14, 2011

The "Boss"
Managing Director
Chatzone PLC

Hello Sir,

It’s been six years since I joined Chatzone PLC. Being one of its pioneer employees, I saw how the fortunes of the company ebbed and flowed with the changing times.

However, a time has come for me to rethink about my objectives. I understand the transition happening at the moment with the survival of the company at stake. I also see the value of letting the company seek the people who would lead the reformation. Thus, for the love of the company, I grant my position as QA Analyst available.

Thank you very much for the opportunities and I hope that my stay with Chatzone PLC has been fruitful as it has been very meaningful to my personal growth.


"Magpasa ka ng resignation letter! Magsu-submit rin ako!"

Mami Athena was furious upon her return from a meeting. Apparently, some people have questioned our refusal to vacate our posts.

It's been four days since the announcement came and people are still having second thoughts of leaving. The morning shift agreed to vacate their posts, save for its team leader, and let the management decide the agents to retain.

Meanwhile, the PM and GY shift agents were let to decide on their own. As of this writing, we learned that their team leaders have no desire of abandoning ship. They are willing to become agents and do the job their subordinates used to do.

"Kapit sa patalim eh," I explained

Plans were already made before the announcement came. I was there when the blueprint was being drawn. However, of the 13 agents in the master list, nine have already submitted their resignation. Leaving was the last thing on their minds, but they knew what's at stake: the closure of the company. Around 20 are still fighting limb for limb for the 16 slots needed.

Mami Athena and I tended our resignation in the spirit of fair-play. Everyone expects us to lead the restructuring and thus, spared from the selection. We were hoping that our move will inspire not only the agents, but the team leaders who have no place in the new order. It was a gesture aimed to let the company freely choose the people who would make it survive.

But we have underestimated the power of self preservation. Indeed, when you're comfortable in your spot and you have nowhere else to go, you will do anything to stay.

And the boss seem not to care at all. Perhaps, he had already surrendered everything to fate.

Thus, this generous act had lead me to this state. Come Monday, I might be sending my resume elsewhere.