Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Final Solution

Do not be afraid of changes. I know you as a sentimental person with strong attachments. But your relationship with that firm is a hindrance to your progress.
Cut, and cut cleanly.

- Dr. Magsasaka

Tomorrow is the last day of work for those who volunteered to leave the company.  I am still in, as far as the last agreement is concerned.  My job is to ensure the restructuring program would be a success.  But with uncertainties come the disillusionment. During the interview with another firm, the basic perks denied to me glared with each question the recruiter inquired.  There was no way I could defend my firm, especially with the pay I get despite my position.

I have been complacent for too long.

With no vision in sight, a business model that is obsolete, a product that has seen too many heartaches in the past, a workforce in disarray, a tide of changes that will completely change the work environment at the floor,

finding reasons for staying has been overturned by reasons to leave.

Tomorrow is the last day for those who had volunteered. My resignation letter has already reached the desk of the lords. If only I could find the boldness to once and for all,


and leave everything behind,

I would never look back nor return.

Until such time I find myself and prove to everyone, I am in a much better state.