Friday, April 22, 2011


If there are bills contradictory to the Catholic teachings, I would go to these congressmen one by one to enlighten them with the Catholic teachings and they would easily agree with me.   And as friends, they would find it hard to go against the bishop.

Retired Cardinal Jose Sanchez 

Take this passage out of context and it could mean different things:

"I want these fertile lands under my name, and as friends, they would find it hard to go against the bishop."

"I want you to condemn her as a witch and a worshiper of the devil  for accusing me of  raping her, and as friends, they would find it hard to go against the bishop."

"They are a danger to society for spreading lies about my plans to built a new crematorium.   Of course, it has the approval of the mayor and the DENR.  As friends, they would find it hard to go against the bishop."

"Mister Arlegui agreed to have his son enter the seminary even if the rebellious boy wants to become a doctor. As friends, he would find it hard to go against the bishop."

"When I say that Risa Hontiveros  is an ugly, mean bitch  they would agree. As friends, they would find it hard  to go against the bishop."

There is no doubt that the Church leaders are becoming a bit desperate these days.  Their rampant abuse of privileges even at the risk of offending sensibilities show how low they have become.  

"Our actions are justified," a priest in Baguio said. "It is a life and death matter."

What they are up against is the Reproductive Health Bill, which according to them aims to kill the unborn to keep the population under control.  

The protracted argument went a notch higher after the President declared that he would risk getting excommunicated for this bill to become a law. Whether for rhetoric or to improve his sagging approval ratings, many supported his belief. The clerics, who are about to lose from this issue went overdrive to nail their point.  

After all, they see the intellectuals, the middle class and the other Christians ganging up on them.

I don't know why the clerics  have to resort to name calling or twisting their Eucharistic celebrations to  accomplish a narrow goal?  Why drive non-believers away when the priests are supposed to nurture their flock's spiritual needs despite their social opinions?

"Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s."  Jesus said.

My stand on the  Reproductive Health Bill,  though it doesn't matter, will be written here. But  from  my conscience's standpoint, I share what the brightest minds have been telling all along. It's never about  abortion or forced use of contraceptives, or freebies of condoms and spermicides for everyone. As far as I know, its about education and choice.

This  mind-speak, no matter how cosmic this conviction is,  puts my spirit in a quandary.  For now that I deem the priests so corrupted, so myopic and so politically bound, who will then speak for my God? 

Where will I anchor my soul?


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jc said...

this is getting really really ugly for the Church.

claudiopoi said...

to a certain extent, i have been preparing myself to individualize my faith -- because if i subscribe to the absolutist contentions of the mother church, then i am bound to be disillusioned sooner than later.

just to reestablish your point, last month, i was at my cousin's wedding, and the homily revolved around the RH bill ruckus.

priest: i think we should make more children. come to think of it really, households with more children tend to be happier, and those without are cursed by god.

me: wtf. i almost wanted to walk out of the there.

if these are the people who personify the church's teachings, then we are all doomed to burn in hell.

Sean said...

the pharisees are back. such a shame. that is my opinion.

Desperate Houseboy said...

i still believe that church is the people and not the priest nor the bishop. im afraid this is one of the sign. :(


now that condoms can be easily had like simply buying a stick of cigarette from a sidewalk vendor, who needs the RH bill anyway? hehe

Spiral Prince said...

It's sad, just sad, to see them regress. Being blind is one thing. Being willfully blind is another.

Chip said...

Hah! Exactly the same thoughts I had when I watched the news about a priest in Baguio who [1] told the supporters of RH bill to go out of the church and [2] attacked Risa Hontiveros for having a beautiful face but an ugly stand!

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