Monday, April 11, 2011

Square One

My clothes are getting stuffy and so are my pants. It  is  becoming  more difficult to squeeze in  tight  places and the bulkiness of  this  frame makes me look  like a tub of lard. Though  I  am way past the demands of market forces, the expanding girth reanimates my old fears. I refuse to be what I was but  I don't know how to cease growing.


I  have ran out of ideas to keep myself fit  and with  the unchecked appetite becoming a thorn in my side, I am on the verge of admitting that time has finally caught up. I may go on with my thrice-a-week gym visits, but with the bench press and dead lifts hardly making a dent on my thickening love handles, resistance is futile.

Slowing metabolism prevails.

Time will come that I may have to accept that I'm back to square one.


Seth said...

OK lang yun basta love ka pa din niya ^^

Spiral Prince said...

Don't give up, kuya Mugen. :) Remember, you can't afford to. They haven't been able to make Dorian Gray portraits for us all! Not yet! :)

red the mod said...

Consider the hypermetabolism regimen. That's what I've been employing. I've also shifted to a semi-vegetarian diet. I discovered the fulfillment of a vegetarian meal is a different sensation compared to that brought about by protein and carbohydrates.

Besides, we all have to reach an optimal, albeit equilibration, state. One defined by genealogy and lifestyle. Which, I'm sure, you are cognizant of.

Don't panic. Just yet.

eon said...

but when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.

green breaker said...

ako naman, gustong magpataba. minsan kung ano ang meron sa iba yun ang gusto natin..

V1nC3 said...

Sugar & Carbs are the devil in tandem!

orally said...

Chika na yan Mugen. Mahal na mahal ka naman ng asawa mo. Wag masyado magpataas ng value hehehe.

canonista said...

ganyan talaga kapag may love life! Although nung kami pa ni Angel eh nagcocompetensya kaming dalawa sa pagandahan ng katawan, parang may Mr. Universe contest palagi sa bahay niya.

Anyway... Magdiet ka kasi. Working out and eating right is the key! Try mong huwag kumain ng hayup panglupa o wag ka na ring kumain ng kahit anung hayop?

Nagawa ko na yun non at gagawin ko ulit ngayon. Nakakapagpalakas din ng katawan yun, yun nga lang, liliit ang mga laman mo dahil bababa ang protein intake mo. Sexy ka naman!

Try mo... Go vegan!

Mac Callister said...

mag hire na ng professional gym instructor!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

masarap din minsan yung may konting taba.


Kiks said...

mugen, chat with me. i am 36 and i am losing weight and becoming more alluring. LOL.

i don't think you're older than me. are you?

naku, if you were here, awfully chocolate would be one temptation you cannot resist. and monster sushi. and barbecue pork rice. and...

kikomanhk is my ym. (nag-announce?)

(and tama si Pepita, masarap ang may nahahawakang taba. it's what will make you perfect. trust me ;-)

claudiopoi said...

habang wala pang reason to panic, wag muna!

kaya yan. just will yourself to rise above your cravings. lol. that's what i've been doing. and to be fair, it helped in slowing down my *gulp* fattening process. haha.

for the past month alone, i've gotten fatter by 10 pounds. but i intend to snap out of the eating frenzy.. soon! :D

jc said...

parang di ko napapansin na chumachubby ka Baabaa. haha. keri lang yan.

light frequent meals should do the trick. iwasan ang gabundok na kanin at pang tatlong taong tanghalian. :p

love you more and more. :) mwaaaaah!

Désolé Boy said...

hindi naman siguro.
mas takot ka lang cguro kxe sabi mo nga you've been "there"

Anonymous said...

naalala ko yung song ni Musiq Soulchild na, Don't Change.

the song is about loving someone kahit ano pang magbago sa physical ng mahal mo basta wag lang magbabago ang pagmamahal nya sayo.

puso pa rin ang mahalaga boss. :)

~Carrie~ said...

we're in a similar situation right now, Mugen. But unlike you, nagiging Dabyana naman ako, kasi tinatamad mag-gym at laging kain nang kain with a special someone :)

All the best, may you reach your fitness goals. :)

Leo said...

same here. ayoko na mag-diet at exercise. i want to eat. :)

Ryan said...

Don't give up, kuya Mugen. :) Remember, you can't afford to. They haven't been able to make Dorian Gray portraits for us all! Not yet! :)

Beautifully said, Spiral Prince. :) (The Picture of Dorian Gray is a favorite. :P )