Friday, April 8, 2011

Into The Light

What  force draws me, I do not know. Something within urges me to find out. While remnants of bad blood hinders me from my journey, there's no denial, I've been called. Though fear claws me back to my cocoon, a time has come to seek some answers.  This has been my nature all along, and now that I have found some kindred spirits, perhaps,

  • You feel different, alienated or separated from others; you feel lonely in your spiritual path
  • You are sensitive to other people, chemicals or violence in any form
  • You constantly search the purpose of life
  • You have a strong connection with nature
  • You have had any kind of "metaphysical" experience
  • You have had any kind of angelic experience
  • You have a longing to make this world a better place
  • People or even strangers tell you their problems, as well as real personal information

    mysteries I put forward to the universe will be revealed once and for all.