Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Been a clubber for almost a decade now  and the dance floor - was for the longest time - my realm. Had I known that I will abdicate my throne for a much quieter corner, far from the glare of strobe lights, loud music bouncing off the man-sized speakers and cigarette particles suspended in mid-air, I should have arranged for my own graduation before I left.

Slipping my gem-studded white stiletto boots in place of my rugged sneakers; Exchanging my tight jeans and muscle shirt for something scantier - two-piece string bikini with gold wires and small flower sequins around the not-so-private places; and a bird-of-paradise inspired headgear with its wingtips arching close to my massive butt cheeks.

I would then mount the ledge at BED and shake my hips excitedly like this:

Pardon  my silly unbecoming, but I'm having bouts of sleeplessness thinking about the rainhas de baterias (queens of the drums) of the Rio Carnivals lately.


Kiks said...

now, that's.... my Mu[g]en. ;-)

claudiopoi said...

it's never too late to chase your, err, dream. hehe. :)

Viktor Saudad said...

End it with the bang. that's a graduation.

jc said...

now i'd love to see this. i can hardly make you dance in your room. hahaha! :p

daniel said...

Wow sis' i never knew u have the tendency hehe : ) Go Go Go!

Mugen said...


Siyempre. Meron rin akong tinatagong Diva. Hehe.


Ehh shy ako eh! Lolz.


My clubbing nights ended in a whimper, but its alright. Hehe.

Mugen said...


By that time, brittle na mga buto ko para mag samba sa taas ng ledge. Lolz.


Hahaha! Tatambling ang Las Tres Estrellas pag ginawa ko yun.

Spiral Prince said...

It's never to put that stiletto on, kuya joms. ;)

Go gurl!

Désolé Boy said...

magpiprisinta sana ko na maging tagapagmana ng stilletto po pero mukhang hindi pa ko karapat-dapat ngayon. chorla!

Mugen said...


Haha! Naalala ko tuloy nung first time ako nag (drag) Kuwento ko sa blog next time.

In ten minutes, tinanggal ko yung costume kasi nakakaadik. Baka ako masanay! Lolz.

Spiral Prince

We look forward to the day someone will dress you up in silver serpentine gown and white stilettos. Haha.

wanderingcommuter said...

this reminded me of how we used to debate about malate... and now, i cannot stop myself from smiling after reading this entry..

:) im happy for you kuya joms! congrats!

dabo said...

ewik, i surely love to second the motion!

but i don't think the debate will end. it is dynamic it will jump to another time, in another set of people.

mugen, for all the time you dropped classes only to be present the next day err night... the ever-the-immortal-the undying saga of leaving "school for good".. and now finally come full circle..let us raise our glasses!

my-so-called-Quest said...


i haven't seen a dance like that before. salamat sa vid. naamaze ata ako masyado. haha

and you can always show your moves to your baabaa. diba dancer din sya? hehe

Nimmy said...

Fierce! Ahihi. Aabangan ko ang drag na post na yan kuya!

Guyrony said...

Will Saturday be one of those days we'll see you shake your groove again?

O bar.

We'll be waiting...

Mugen said...

Kuya Pawpaw:

Well, we were strangers when you saw me dance. Suplado ka pa! I wonder how it would be like if you knew me back then. Lolz.


Hihingi muna ako ng permiso sa mga engkanto. Sila ang dahilan bakit bigla akong nakapagsuot ng puta red na gown!


Silly! Of course I won't be able to dance like the chick in the video. Pangarap lang yun no!

Mugen said...


I find it strange to be home on Saturdays. The change of scene scares me sometimes. But I hope its permanent.

Ikaw rin ah! Balita ko domesticated ka na daw.


For a time we thought I was unstoppable. Maybe because I was searching there. Nagkataon hindi pala siya makikita dun. Now that I have no reasons to go out at night, my disappearance has its grounds.

Besides, I was already whining that I'm already tired diba. Just didn't know how to fill that empty space kaya ganun. Sinasayaw ko na lang.

Thank you!!

red the mod said...

There were a few dances that I absolutely adored while I was still doing competitive ballroom. They were the rhumba, cha-cha-cha, salsa and, of course, the samba. The commonality being they all required a sustained and controlled contraction of the abdominal to express the hips, all catalyzed by elaborate and precise footwork.

I agree with Dabo and Ewik. It was just a matter of time and opportunity. You had every reason to graduate, was just waiting for the guy who will hand you your diploma. :)

Sean said...

naku kailangang itali or i-tape ang mga maaaring sumilip. can't wait for your drag post hahaha!

Mugen said...


That guy refuses to give my diploma. He want to see me dance, like I used to, when I was still solitary. Lolz.


Pressure kaya! Iniisip ko tuloy bumalik dun kung saan balak namin manghiram ng gown. Lolz.