Sunday, April 17, 2011

Raymond G


I  wonder how it feels like putting your name in Twitter's search query and read all those harsh remarks about you. Does it still hurt?  Do you still get upset when people you don't know tell something about your expanding girth, your flamboyant attitude, your blatant denial of your sexuality? Or have you become calloused to the world always turning against you?  

There's no denial that once,  I  too was fond of reading those comments under your name. I smirked when  people try to compare you to a walking closet, or a clumsy elephant, or some woman who just recently made her pregnancy a fodder for public amusement. I  look forward to people expressing their disgust at the way you live, or tweet about some small things to make it more  trivial. In  fact, the only reason  why you caught my attention lately is because of the comic relief you give. You're a class clown to peons like me, but lately I've learned that there's a limit to one's capacity to make fun of someone.

We  know  how superficial showbiz is.  Today you're a darling  but tomorrow you're everyone's rag doll.  Even a tragic death by a rising star may catapult  that poor fellow to the heights of fame, posthumously. A  celebrity, no matter how nice his intentions will be hated by someone - for shallow reasons such as not  being sexy enough, or for being too beautiful or merely because he or she is too popular - and glaring.  That is why the ones who endure the business are the loud gay people - who's not a threat to anyone  or the legends - with real talents who spent ages steadily climbing their way up.

I  may  not  know your life off-screen or the real reasons behind people's derision. Perhaps they are trying to compare you with your more prominent twin - whose manly appeal had launched a score of  high-rating soap operas in the Kapuso Network. Maybe they're trying to pit you against your older sister, whose controversial marriage breathed new life into her once-sagging career.  Of course you're not married to a Turkish mafia, but just the same, its fun to see things that way.

To tell you honestly dear, I'm not a fan of your family. I may never will. Seldom do I like celebrities and the ones I do have more meaningful lives off-screen. But reading your social network's timeline, I get this impression that you're successful in your own way. I see that you're a local socialite whose penchant for the high life is often cast badly by everyone. You may become a skillful talent manager someday, a career your mother is already pursuing. But given your aloofness and this perceived pretension I see when you're on stage,  I still doubt where you're heading.  

Yet behind the often misunderstood face you portray in public, I sense that you're a good person. Someone, who gets upset when people call you fat, or when strangers sneer at you when they spot you at a party.  I see that behind the image is a struggling person trying to find his place and acceptance in a cutthroat world where you chose to plant your roots.

My dear, I maybe an outsider to your world but as a fellow human who understands rejection, you taught me a good lesson today.

"ang panget ni baklang Raymond Gutierrez. Y not lamutakin mu mga scarf mu panget!"

We should  look at ourselves before we say bad things to a person and in times we cannot say anything nice to a  stranger, it is best to shut our mouth and divert our attention elsewhere.

Sad  how good manners and kindness seem to come hardly these days.


Guyrony said...

It is nigh time to stop gay bashing, after all, aren't we of the same plane?

Mu[g]en said...

Kuya Pawpaw:

Yeah. It's a lesson for me too. Ngayon ko lang narealize. Good night Kuya Pawpaw!!

Spiral Prince said...

This struck a nerve, in a good way. I guess a lot of us forget to look at ourselves first whenever we bash someone, especially celebrities. I guess there is a kind of perverse satisfaction whenever we find an imperfection in the lives of those in the limelight...

orally said...


Anonymous said...

ouch and my returnee's post was my own verson of bashing on the peeps i hated since joining the local work force. tsk tsk tsk.

hard2getxxx said...

personally i find raymund g annoying pagnaghohost siya

siguro naartehan ako sa kanya pero i dont find vice ganda, chokoleit annoying

Désolé Boy said...

I don't like him. And not because he's a gay with the capital DENIAL or because he's fat etc.
I don't like him because he mistreat people who are inferior to him.
Plus, he came from a family of "rich people." I hate rich people.

Chip said...

Naku po! Tinignan ko pic nung jackfag04 sa Twitter, eh ang pangit din naman. Hahaha!!

Panlalait Lesson #1: Kung manlalait ka ng ibang tao, siguraduhing ang panlalait na gagawin mo ay hindi applicable sayo.


~Carrie~ said...

OMG ka, anonymous, aka karmanipilyo

They say Raymond G could be the next Ike Lozada, but less funny (I think)

Ronnie said...

I like Ruffa kasi I adore beauty queens hehe. Si Raymond, kebs ko lang. Nag-eenjoy siya sa kasosoyalan niya haha.

Anonymous said...

this holds true for most people, especially gay people.

it is unfortunate that OUTED people tend to look at their closeted brothers/sisters with contempt -- perhaps because they find the pretentiousness revolting or disgusting -- when once upon a time, they too felt the suffocation of being in the closet.

at the end of the day, respect is what matters the most, and if people choose to be who they want to be, it is best to be respectful and live under the 'live and let live' adage.

this was a very heartwarming post, mr. blogger crush. :)

Viktor Saudad said...

twitter is overrated. basta may mai-tweet lang, people say nasty stuff, make it sound fancy... claim it witty.

kahit crap lang namantalaga nalabas sa isip nila sige lang. basta may mai-tweet lang.

my journey said...

isang simpleng aral

i-ayon ang asal sa kagandahan

yan ang naging gabay ko simula't sapul

kaya kapag nakakakita ako ng mga hindi kagandahan na masyado mapanglait

napapangiti na lang ako