Friday, June 17, 2011

A Peek Into The Dark Ages

They say you never trust people in robes.

January 16, 2008

Boy: would it be alright to bookmark you so...

....So that even in this dark and forsaken place, I would still be reminded that there is light?

Minister: Tell me so I can pray with u or for u ...
Miy problems is worth half a million > how much is yours. Im not loosing hope.

God is good to me all the time.

Boy: Nothing really that big. I'm just trying to contain my urges. :)

Thanks for replying. It really means a lot.

Minister: Why dont u jack off or look for someone to jack u off. dont control your murges, let go to the one u love...

Boy: I'd try that. Maybe its my exposure here that's driving me this way.

Minister: Exposure to way ang edad mo ay eded ng malilibog dats why u need a lover or partner to fool arouid.

Minister: There is nothing wrong with having a release with another consenting adult.

Boy: It's like this. Something inside me wants to compete in those sex forums. But when I get rejected, an urge to fight back takes over me. It's like an endless cycle - me looking for approval. What's worse is that what I'm just seeking is an approval; that I could not accept being rejected.

I know everyone gets one. Maybe I don't get it yet. Somehow your presence enabled me to break the cycle.

Boy: I know. I just think that i'm too sexual that's why I'm concerned. :)

Minister: With my age, I had a thousand rejections. Rejection is normal. If we are rejcted, by some one then lets move on.

50% of the guys in the sex forum are just fooling around.Pagdi mo kilala ang tao di ka dapat mag seb kasi u either get held up or hold up or std or hiv....

So be cool and take rejection with a good laugh

Boy: that's what i'm trying to learn.

Thank you very much for listening. Next time we see each other. I will make sure i'm in a better standing than it is today.

God bless po.

Minister: are u a virgin in sexual matters ?

Boy: nope. thats what i'm afraid of. If I'd unleash myself right now, I'd released the sexual side of me.

Minister: hahahahahahaha.

Hindi naman ganyan. I can teach u one by one if u like.
Its not that serious. Ur standards and moiral values with still control u.

my number 09164xxxxx. im glove unlitixt so pwede tau text if globe ka na. My nephew will use the pc. text ka pa glove ka. keep in touch.

U sound delicious, In my 55 years never had a virgin in my entire life.

God bless,

Boy: Thanks. Take care and god bless. My shift is over. See you again here.

Minister: I will be your sex slave. hehehehehehe

Message Exchange Terminated.