Monday, June 27, 2011

Only With Sims

Only with simulation does my madness come to life. Lucky for this fashionably-challenged little boy, nobody gives a damn if he chooses to be a princess in a world populated by coded sentience.

His name is Elvis and he will be loved.


Mr. Hush Hush said...

hehe na addict ka din pala sa sims :) mawnen Mugen

Leo said...

is Elvis wearing purple ballet flats?

haha, i love the madness Mugen. :) :) :)

Desperate Houseboy said...

is he a Latino or what? hehe

lonewolf said...

i love sims din. actually pwede mo gawing bastos ang sims 2 hehehehehe.

in short xrated sims

red the mod said...

Maximo Oliveros much? But, seriously, I have a perfect quote for your sentiments. :)

Sean said...

love the pink shorts and slippers and the red belt.

Nate said...

@elvis: you already!! :D

@mugen: i'm a sims 3 addict too.. but mostly I just build houses, and do the interiors for my friends.. tpos i'd let them play na in the house i made & decorated for them.. hahaha! :P

Mugen said...


I would love building houses for my sims, pero mahina ang imagination ko lately eh. Besides, I find enjoyment making my characters diverse and sometimes even controversial hehe.


Two words: Pekpek shorts. Lol.


I totally forgot Maximo Oliveros. Kainis.

What's your quote. Share it with us.

Mugen said...


You should try Sims 3. The possibilities are endless. Hehehe.


Actually hindi ko rin alam. He was adopted by one of the town sims.


Wait till I introduce the family of hunks. Hay nako, nakakainis, sana puwede ma-inlove yung teen sa young-adult. Lolz.

Mr. Hush:

It's the reason for my absence early this month.

daniel said...

I love fairness ang ganda ng suot nya..cute : )