Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Gay Marriage Pt. 2

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It has been ages now since the first non-straights debated the issue online. Our cradle was Pinoyexchange, and it was the closets' turn to speak about the subject.

The person who floated the idea doesn't matter, but gay marriage was already a hot topic - even debate clubs in college make their own proposition. Of course, the LBGT groups were at the forefront of lobbying it at the Batasan. But without the broad support of the public, same-sex marriage never left the parliament of streets.

I was still a buck then - slightly confused - but my ideas about homosexuality were already forming. It was a great time for re-evaluation. Everyone who doubted their sexuality was scrambling to find a connection. And while the rest of us were still crawling out of the closet, gaps in our cramped space allowed us to peer through and see the light.

"Imagine a life where everyone accepts you." An advocate explains. "Your marriage vows are recognized, your joint bank account, expensive house, and well-mannered adopted children will be protected by the state." Some of us were dreamy-eyed while thinking of these possibilities.

The selling point is to make sure we enjoy the same perks all married couples do.

"And of course, you can plan your very special wedding."

The promise was enough for some to be swayed to come out in the open. But the gay movement then was still in its infancy. A handful were still resentful of the fact that their attraction with men had put them at a disadvantage. While a minority chose to form a pack to distance themselves away from the mainstream.

Our day of awakening came when gays are being mocked because of the way they dress, talk and flirt with men. There was no such thing as straight acting and everyone who confess preference to the same sex are expected to act flamboyant.

Thus everyone labeled themselves "Bisexual."

It was a time before Queer As Folk barely caught everyone's attention; the highly controversial OUT talk show was conceived by the Kapuso Network; the Ladlad Anthology of J.Neil Garcia hit the bookshelves; and Mint still occupied a small corner of Orosa. Word spreads that the New People's Army performed their first same-sex wedding between two men, but this was condemned not only by the government, but by the Catholic Church as well.

With the revolution happening everywhere, the promise of gay marriage was high and lofty. But for most of us who were still struggling with our identity, acceptance must come first.

And I still have to recover from my first male relationship breakup.


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

buti na lang d2, legal ang gay marriage. hehehe.. :D
what if nga kaya, one day,maging legal sa Pinas?! magpapakasal kaya ako?!

JohnM said...

I have a question Mu[g]en, sakaling ma-legalize man ang gay marriage sa Pinas (or kahit given the chance lang to do it in the City of Pines), pakakasalan mo ba si Baabaa? =)

bienvenido_lim said...

When Ladlad hit the stands, kinapalan ko na talaga ang fez kong pumila sa cashier.
Now on gay marriage, although it is not something I'm passionate about, I am happy for our kumares and atengs esp those who have for years worked their asses off for its legalization.
I too share the sentiment about acceptance, and we don't want to start on bigotry.
Oh well, you win some, you lose some. And victory needs to be celebrated. And this one is no ordinary victory.

the green breaker said...

after acceptance, would you buy the same-sex marriage idea?

dark_knight said...

ay gusto ko pakasal... sa malaking cathedral..

chos.. hehehe

Niel Camhalla said...

two cents...on marriage, in general.

a big part of being married is the right to make some decisions not just for yourself but for your partner (like selling conjugal properties or cutting the life support system).

i just don't know if someone who is not as ready to make a decision for himself will be ready to make a decision for someone else.

the.island.guy said...

For some reason, I smiled when I read the "And of course, you can plan your very special wedding" part.

Don't wake me up... I'm dreaming :)

Sean said...

and now that a lot of things have changed since then, would be interested on your insights on this subject. :)

tim said...

I am on the middle. Di ko pa kasi alam kung talaga bang mag uu ako hindi.

Mahirap ding usapin ito eh..