Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sleepless 1

"Promotion is not about gaining power, it is all about more responsibility".

On leaders and friendship

A team leader reported that they had a sudden drop in work volume in one of the accounts. The boss immediately dispatched a letter asking the client what happened. 

The client responded that there seems to be a technical problem with one of their phone service providers. While the explanation appears plausible, the way it was written could be interpreted in different ways.  

What if the client pulled out without telling us ahead?  

What if the phone service provider cut the chat service after an agent spoke like a bitch-in-heat to a 12-year old kid?

What if...

The volume of work from that account is not as glaring compared to the others we attend to. But the absence of users wishing to talk and flirt the blues away was alarming enough to affect the production of one team.  

Lucky for the rest of us. For while the technical group of the client sorted out the issues affecting the chat service, a sudden deluge of work from the other accounts beefed up our numbers.  Our hands were so full, even I had to take an agent role just to lower our queue.

But we know, the stars will not be on our side forever. Sooner or later, we too will have to face the reality should our worst fears ever materialize - the disappearance of one account.  

It is said that there are times it's better to be a follower than to be a leader because of the responsibilities a leader must bear. Not only will the troubles haunt you even in your sleep, your head will always be below a swinging axe, ready to roll once a failure changes the landscape around you.

With the Patroness' uneasy silence came my increasing, behind-the-scene-presence. The queue in the troubled account remained empty during much of the day. I was already at the gym at past midnight and my thoughts were still pegged with the affairs of work. At past 1 am, I was still looking at the production report to see if there are changes. The trend looks promising but it was too early to tell. At 4, with my eyes barely open, the report revealed an upswing in the output. Satisfied with the developments, I went to sleep only to have dreams of work.

The last time I sent my credentials elsewhere, part of the reason for the exodus was to run away from it all - the responsibilities, the skinning from my superiors, the worries of the pockets now that my mom is about to retire.  The boss will never know the vigil I did last night, nor will Mami Athena. For these extra efforts, though unnecessary, were already built-in to me long before I was tapped for the position. 

It's been a decade now since I learned to leave the TV on at night. Since then, when my world seems to crumble. I have this assurance that sleep will come, even when hell comes to claim me in the morning.   


We started receiving messages again on [this account] around 1:00 am, but the volume wasn't high.

attached are some screen grabs of users noticed that there was something wrong with the service.


-  GY Shift Team Leader


^travis said...

Your dedication to work borders on obsession. Quite intriguing for an HR practitioner like me.

Where does happy company; happy bosses and happy co-workers end and where does happy Mugen begin?

Mugen said...


Yup obsession. But that's just me, I'm always obsessed with something. Lol.

Happiness? I'd rather be content. :D

^travis said...

C'mon, sir. Contentment is for cows and is overrated. Lols.

You would be able to take better care of people that you love if you also take care of yourself. Just my 2 cents. Happy weekend!

Wilberchie said...

workaholic! I'm sure the agents were ecstatic with the free time! hihi!!

Makii said...

kuya Mugs : your writing prowess never fails to amaze me.

Travis : I so agree with what you said about being able to take batter care of people we love if we take good care of ourselves.

I just have a question though ... are we saying that to be content is mediocre and happiness should be our ultimate goal?

the green breaker said...

Is it possible for clients to do that? Don't they sign a contract with the outsourced company?

I'm rather curious to know.

^travis said...


just my opinion. imagery: being content is a cow ruminating his cud waiting to be milked or slaughtered.

and happiness? is morning and evening, daytime and nighttime, too. for happiness is anyone and anything at all that's loved by you...[You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown] :)

Makii said...

Travis: hoshet i love the imagery thingie. hehehe

Spiral Prince said...

can't happiness and contentment share something in a venn diagram? or are they irreconcilable? just a question! :D


kuya joms! what outstanding dedication to call of duty, but it doesn't always coincide with the institution, do they?

Spiral Prince said...

*the call...

cArLo said...

everything's gonna turn out okay. it eventually does. don't worry too much :)
and yeah, a promotion brings more responsibilities. no wonder i've never wanted to grab the higher ones.. i just know that i can't handle all that responsibility YET.

Mugen said...


Sorry dude but I try my best to find contentment :) Remember how some people feel empty all the time - even when they earn in three figures a month.

There are times you have to box your happiness just so you will find your own spot.

As for your other suggestion, I keep that in mind too. Hehehe. Thanks!


Sooner or later responsibility comes to you, especially when its obvious that you're much more capable than your superior.

Mugen said...

Spiral Prince:

That's why you don't tell these things to those who are truly concerned.

In short, it's OA. Hehehehe.

It should be. The Buddha tells so.

Green Breaker

Some clients do, some clients don't. After all, I believe, our laws don't cover them.


They are happy when they earn more, and not commit mistakes at work. Hehe.

Sean said...

in another life, a lot of things were relegated to the sidelines because of work. thought it was called for because of titles and payslips. looking back there's really nothing tangible that i can call my legacy, except for a good cv. and everything that i put aside had moved on. good thing it was not yet too late to catch up on life. wishing for your happiness mugs.

james said...

Your subordinates are lucky to have you. Not all people on a higher ground can look below without arrogance. You take the matter with you on-the-go, this is clearly dedication to your craft. I admire you for that.