Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Classroom

Before prose, poetry was my companion.

Poem Book Six
The Dark Side of Light
Junior Year, Arts and Letters, 2001

With undulating voice
he speaks in a podium
of unsustained secrecy.
By word of mouth,
all rumours about the
innocent blackboard
travels at the speed of light,
carried by chalkdust into
endless space,
becoming tiny bits of
remembrance scattered
yet linked together by
a bond stronger than
the nuts and bolts
that hold the chairs together.
In a room
whose four walls
speak of partings,
of unshakable bondage
that is meant to shatter
The crucifix hangs dearly
to the wooden wall
as every vibration produced
resonates an earthly tone
that reminds us of changeable things,

that reminds us of fleeting moments
never to happen again.

I was at the University of Santo Tomas this afternoon to get my transcript of records. Little has changed inside the Main Building: The 30-inch flat screen TV where we used to watch the UAAP Games stays suspended in the ceiling.  The wooden imperial staircase going to the museum and the second floor keeps its luster despite the hundreds of footsteps treading its centuries-old planks and the classrooms, though modest by standards are still fed by chilly winds from the AC units.

It's like I never left at all. 

Meanwhile, glancing at the kids as they go on with their carefree lives remind me that once, I too enjoyed their bliss.

Hope that in my time, I was able to drink my fill.  For a moment in their presence earlier, my soul was parched.


alteredfcuk said...

Nakakamiss din ang campus. Dami ng changes since the time I graduated. Nadaraanan pa ng sasakyan yun front ng Main building when I was studying there. :D

Raymond said...

Sometimes I imagine kung paano kung gumraduate nga ako and bumalk ako after a few years. Will I be hit by the same nostalgia?

Pero ngayon, I'm "still enjoying" my fill. :)

OT, Nakaktuwa talaga ang mga AB people, very vocal, opinionated, and care free. I envy them for that.

Nate said...

@Sir Mugen: reminiscing is nice... you write good poetry, Sir... more of this please... :)

the green breaker said...

Galing naman ng makata! At namiss ko ang USTe. Meron akong two ex-girlfriends and one-exboyfriend mula sa paaralang iyan. Wala lang. Ngunit, wala naman na akong babalikan dun.

Teka, nadisturb ako sa tweet mo! Jake Cuenca! hayst. :|


pagkatapos ng matagal na panahon bumalik din ako sa ust last year at my gulay 'naligaw' ako sa loob. may mga dati pa rin pero marami din nabago. one thing i noticed naging commercial na sya at sana di naapektuhan ng komersyalismo ang holistic approach sa edukasyon ng pamantasan.

nostalgic naman ng trip mo :)

Sean said...

you're a poet pala mugs. ang ganda!

JohnM said...

Good thing that you still found UST to be just the same. I look at it differently though. It seems UST is a little too crowded na compared to what it was before. It's a little too commercialized na din. Things were more laid back, back then. I miss the COOP, the mojos, the cheese fingers, the turon hayy. Since UST also cut down much of the trees around the Campus,and left nothing of the Colayco Park, parang ang init init na tuloy sa USTE. The only thing that hasn't changed is the bureaucracy in UST. Bow! Sorry for the mega-rants from this certified Thomasian

NLE said...

I remember I used to write a lot as in I was able to keep a spiral notebook full of self composed poems back in college. - Ana

Kiks said...

it has been a while since i was last there. i think it was the ROTC campaign pa ata - jeez, 1990s?

this thundercat shall not reveal any further....

marami pa ring ghosts?

Mugen said...


Oy mga 2001 yun ha! Yung pinapabaklas yung ROTC kasi may nag-expose ng corruption dun. Hehehe. Classmate ko yung gf ng pinatay na officer.

Let's face it, lahat tayo magiging Thunder balang araw. :D


Mukhang magka-batch tayo tsong ah! Huwag mong sabihin na tiga AB ka rin? Lolz.

Bigla tuloy akong naka-miss. Mga mundo ko yun eh.


Matagal tagal na rin akong hindi nagsusulat ng poetry. Hindi ko na alam paano maglaro ng salita eh.

Mugen said...


Masyado na nga siyang commercialized. Kung dati-rati, nasa Dapitan at Espana ang mga tao, ngayon sa loob na rin sila kumakain.


May nakita akong coach na kasama niya sa picture si Jake. Hehehe.

Hindi na ako magtatanong tungkol sa past mo. Pero I'm sure, nakapasok ka sa loob ng campus namin.


I will try. But the ones you will get to read are my ancient ones. Forgot how to write na eh.


Same with you, magka-batch siguro tayo. :)

Wilberchie said...

Sabi ko na nga ba eh! Room yun sa AB! whahaha!!! love it! hihi!!

^travis said...

ahh...when will i ever catch my elusive poetry Muse?

JohnM said...

No, hindi po ata tayo magkabatch. Naabutan ko pa kasi nung pinasara yung coop eh then pinalitan ng dancing fountain. Nope, not from AB hehe

Mr. Brightside said...

Hey Mugen, nice poem, I used to write before but the thing is I can only write when I am heartbroken.. haha

I also studied in UST and I live near UST, so whenever I would miss it I would find myself walking around the university or sitting in front of the UST field and let time waste away :D

Pepe said...

this is nice! you should find a way back to writing poetry. :)

Mugen said...


I wish it would be easy. I seldom read poems nowadays.

Mr. Brightside:

I wonder what major you took in college. Hehehe. Definitely graduate na ako when you're there. Anyway, ang sarap mag reminisce. Masakit nga lang pag alam mong everything's just a memory.

John M:

Nagkaabot nga tayo! I was there when the coop at Colayco still stands. :)

Anonymous said...

Bigla ko tuloy naalala mga kalokohan ko noong nasa klasrum ako. Hehe!


Mugen said...


Read the works of pinoy poets, they might inspire you.


Nung nakagraduate ako, may aircon na, projector saka whiteboard eh. Hehehe. :D

Mr. Brightside said...

Accountancy, batch 2008 :D