Friday, July 1, 2011

Alamat, Still

As for Noynoy, I see him accomplishing little during his term, but he will be loved like his parents were. Accomplishing little will never be an issue, not even a footnote in the grand scheme of things.

What he will bestow to a grateful country is a sense of belonging: an undeniable feeling of pride among its citizens.

Midnight Afterburner
June 29, 2010


We woke up one morning to find the sun brighter than usual.  It was a new dawn - they say - and the will of the people has finally been realized. I bore witness to the inauguration, on television, and while the occasion was rife with pomp and splendor, I could not help but think,

Where do we go from here?

One year later and things were somehow back to normal. The politics is still there, and so is the finger-pointing when things end in failure. For a time, it seems, everyone's hopes had been doused. Accused of non-action, poor leadership and having a house divided, the president appears too weak to own up its problems.

There is also the issue of close friends - in high places, of sports cars becoming the president's toy, of the never ending search for a girlfriend, when it should be the never ending search to end hunger. The government's drive to curb population growth was a breather, a move to save ourselves from extinction.

But it seems, the fight has been forgotten now.

It didn't help that the administration spent most of its time engaging in verbal spat with a dragon up north, or digging up and exposing past sins, and comparing themselves with the government before it. While their claims have substance, and the lows of corruption have reached even the gates of hell, putting those responsible to jail is not enough.

Ending the culture of blatant self-interest should be the lasting legacy of this government.

It will take time to undo our errors and end the widespread apathy, and while at it, there will always be someone who is against how Malacanang conducts itself. Even now, the voices of opposition are becoming louder, and in many ways, those who dared to dream have returned to the pits of cynicism again.

So it is not enough for the administration to trumpet its  hollow accomplishments, but instead concrete plans on how things should be done must be presented - clearly to the people. At a time when everybody has a voice - in the social media, in the streets, and in public forums, it is easy to spot the pressing needs of the republic.

The government must remember that it was voted, with overwhelming majority by the people and without them joining the crusade, the goals it aim to accomplish will never be recognized - not within a decade. It would be easy for someone to rant and complain when that person has never played a part in a nation-building PNoy has envisioned.

And while many of those who voted for the president had already turned against him, I refuse to be disillusioned yet. I still believe in his promise and will continue to support his pronouncements.

If only he would reach out and truly listen to the aspirations and expectations of his bosses. If only he would encourage more people to actually  give time and join his programs - as volunteers;  If only he would - in his boldest dreams - commit and give concrete plans on how to give jobs to the people while making sure the education and health services enjoy a much bigger chunk of the budget,  perhaps, still,

The alamat he ought to be would still come, after his term of office ends.

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