Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Been writing children's stories for Bentusi since last year. So far, this is my most rewarding project with her. And since I'm allowed to pick names for my characters, I decided to use my partner's name hoping it gets published too, and be read by children everywhere.

This is for you Baabaa.

In a fruits basket were several different fruits. They were freshly bought from the supermarket to help JC have a more balanced diet

JC the Notthewimpykid hasn't eaten fresh fruits in months. Thinking that he could get away with little bits of beans and carrots on his plate, he thought he could enjoy the sweetened snacks that look and taste like real fruits.

While waiting to be peeled and eaten, the fruits began talking among themselves.

“I wonder who among us will be JC's favorite,” the banana asks.

“Well, I might be sour and my seeds taste bitter when accidentally eaten, but JC sees me every time he drinks juice.“ The orange muses. “Besides, I'm rich in fibers and vitamin C. These will help him fight those viruses.”

“I can make JC's wounds heal faster!” The pineapple's voice booms. “A boy as active as him in sports and outdoor activities needs me!”

“He needs my minerals too!” It was the banana's turn to speak. “Not only I am soft to chew, I prevent JC from having muscle cramps, especially when he plays all day!”

The apple, feeling a bit shy after remembering the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs refused to talk. Instead, it was the mango who spoke on her behalf.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” The mango cuts the conversation. “My friend, the apple is very nutritious!”

“Tell us what you got,” the orange asks.

“Yes, we're eager to learn.” the banana follows.

“Well, I make bones stronger and prevent children's asthma from happening,” tells the apple. The other fruits were amazed.

Feeling better about her qualities, it was the apple's turn to introduce her friend, the mango. While she knows that they are needed to keep JC healthy, the mango has nutritional benefits that could aid the boy in school.

“My best friend, the mango can help JC concentrate better in school.” the other fruits turned to the apple to hear more. “His vitamin B will improve his memory while keeping his cells active.”

Upon learning that the fruits will be eaten anyway, they stopped thinking who among them will be the boy's favorite. They waited in the fruits basket to be digested. Every night after dinner, one of them disappeared.

First was the banana, peeled and eaten as a whole. The next day, JC never felt tired playing tag after school.

Next was the pineapple, made into chunks and eaten as dessert. Soon JC’s cuts and bruises from playing tag healed.

Then came the orange’s turn. JC missed eating its bitter seeds and he was shielded from colds and coughs.

Finally there were two fruits in the basket, the mango and the apple. Both of them have been friends the whole week and it’s time to go.

“I hope my seed gets planted.” The mango said.

“I wish so too,” the apple confided. “Mine will never grow in this climate.”

“Don’t worry my friend. You will always be known as the first fruit in the alphabet.” The apple blushed, turning her skin redder.

Like the other fruits that were eaten before, the apple became JC’s snack. As for the mango, his sweet flesh was scooped out using a spoon just before the exams. Since the Notthewimpykid prepared for the tests, the mango did its job of helping the boy remember the things he studied.

The fruits basket was replenished a week later and they were all eaten as well. The story didn’t end there however. In JC’s little backyard, a new plant sprouted on the ground. It had light green leaves, and had the scent of one of the fruits in the fruits basket.

“Hello!” The tiny stem said.

It was the mango.


Nate said...

@Sir Mugen: aww... that is sooo sweet of you!! *giggles*

I can imagine this story in a book with colorful pictures/ illustrations.. ang cute lang.. :)

@jc: so pano ba yan? ma-iimortalize ka sa story na 'to.. if it gets published.. :)

^travis said...

immortalized na nga si JC and it's so sweet.

i'm gonna go to the grocery tomorrow and buy fruits.

Leo said...

cute! :) haba ng hair ni JC. hehe.

JohnM said...

Ang sweet naman. Sumakit nga lang ang mata ko kakabasa..something's wrong with the font

JC said...

ang sweet naman nito! *kilig*

love you Baaaaabaaaaa! :D

Yehosue said...

@sir mugen: sir!this is nice!naisip mo na po ba na sumali sa palanca?may potential ang post na ito,may cultural at social relevance siya sa aking palagay ;)

@jc: ikaw na nga ang natatanging musa :) nagwalk out ang juliet ni shakespeare at josephine bracken ni rizal ;)

dark_knight said...

ayyyy dapat kasama ka sa kuento hahahaha

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

the best children's story i've ever read. :))

Xall Percé said...

Nice! Nice! Sweet lang.

the green breaker said...

Napakahusay ng iyong pagkakasulat. May naalala ako bigla.

Ang galing galing naman na bata ni JC. Bibong bibo!

DSM said...

i love the story! so informative with a very positive message! yeah yeah and sweet, too (nainggit kay JC).

Sean said...

awww ang sweet! tama nga immortalized na si jc dahil sa story. tabi nga diyan, snow white!

bienvenido_lim said...

Uy, ngayon ko lang nabasa.
What could be more sweeter? How will you top this Mugen?