Tuesday, November 8, 2011


"Hey, what time do you work out in Eclipse? I'm eyeing for a buddy, if you don't mind." 

It was a private message I received the other night. As part of the gym's aspiration to become more gay-friendly, I returned to Pinoyexchange AP Work Out Thread to help the forum posters there with their training concerns. My presence also aims to connect the gay people who are members of the gym.

Like the head coach, who is also the moderator of another forum, I try to project a stern, straight-as-a-ruler image. I engage only in no-nonesense talk. I urge people to work out, (better if its in our gym) and as far as I remember, I have never entertained the idea of meeting other people.

Not even when its about showing around the gym.  

So imagine how I was caught off-guard when a user named 7incher_hunkTop sent me the private message. I won't sugarcoat my thoughts and just like everyone else, I'd be curious as to what he looks like. The way he writes, he seem self-assured, masculine, and a no-nonesense talker too, and I know some gays would bitch slap each other just to switch places with me.

I was on the defense so I replied:

"Erratic schedule ko pre eh. What time do you work out, baka puwede kita i-reto sa kasabayan mo."

I was serious in finding him a gym partner. Maybe I could introduce him to Smellycat and his beefcake boyfriend who are more capable and knowledgeable with free-weights. Perhaps @ossiepeaker who is a hunk himself (based from his DP) could become my proxy. Being single, and having the same bed preference, their arrangement would be less awkward.

Anyone, actually, but not me.

I do not know where this aversion comes from. Surely its not about personal policies anymore, or the polarities we have. I do not know even if I am being threatened by mere assumptions, or am I reinforcing my walls because instincts tell to keep some distance from someone who blatantly advertises the length of his manhood.

There is no doubt he approached me in good faith. But I guess, the fault lies with me: I am still a long way to go before I could finally make peace with my past .

And even though I've learned that we share a common timeline, ignoring his invitation would be the best course of action:

"I go there midnights. What time do you usually hit Eclipse?" 

I know a couple of good-looking buff guys who work out at around midnight. Acknowledging my own frailty, I will keep struggling to hold back my expanding frame, and just sense the boy in the distance.


vin said...

wow bro, may alam ka pala sa mga magkaka-realsyon sa gym. turo mo naman sila saken minsan. hehe..

anyways, may idea ka na ba kung sino si 7incher_hunkTop? hehe..

Mugen said...


Hindi mo sila nakakasabay eh. Lolz. Gusto mo, ikaw na lang gawin kong gym buddy niya? Past midnight ka nga rin pala.

Serious to. :)

vin said...

pwede rin. un nga lanag kasabay ko officemates ko lagi. sino ba yun? describe mo nga.

SilverwingX said...

how much is the rate in eclipse? I've been with fitness for years I'm thinking of moving to a different gym.

the green breaker said...

haha, may intriga factor din ako lolz. but would anyone (kahit na 7incher at hunk talaga sya) really name himself in that manner?

Neokiro said...

Nakakaintriga pero pag ganyan medyo wary ako, warranted man ang extra hangin o hindi.

Anonymous said...

ikaw na ang ulirang asawa! isang gamu-gamong hindi nadadarang sa init ng tukso.


-engkantong pasaway no more. ching.

Kiks said...

the expanding frame is another thing, but a 7incher?

what do gay gym buddies do really aside from spotting each other?

me and my buddy - we starbucks and brush our nails while ogling dicky from a distance. CHOS!

Mugen said...


Special request naman mula sa aming iyong mga tigabasa. Naked pic ni Dicky! Lol.

Yup spotting is a great pastime, lalo na pag gusto mong mag-increase ng iron plates. Hehe.


Aba siyempre! Roll eyes ka daliii!!


Intentional or not, he seems to carry himself well. Mukhang nagiging active siya sa Eclipse (Gay Edition) Thread sa online forum na yun.

Mugen said...


If he's into hook ups yep. Mas agaw attention na yun, kesa gumamit ka ng nickname na may kasamang "cute"


P1,700 sila a month. But you can arrange for discounted rates. :)


Bentot!! Thank you!!!

Martin said...

Mahirap magpigil paminsan sa mga bagay na gaya niyan. hahaha. mahirap kasi kapag ikaw nilalapitan... hahahaha

Mr. Hush Hush said...

hmmmm… ano yang past na sinabi mo that you have not found peace with?

hmmmmm… hmmmm..

Mugen said...

Mr Hush:

Check my entries during 2010. You will find out why. :)


It was in good faith dude, pero yun nga, hindi ko ibig makipagkasundo na maging gym buddy sa mga taong di ko naman tunay na kilala. :)

Anonymous said...

Bitchslappin is fun, isn't it? Lolz. Check out this video from Canadian comedian Josh Rimer which I found on YouTube! http://youtu.be/yDCk3NN_HAs