Monday, November 21, 2011


It was one of those early mornings when you're obsessed over some job assignment that not a single soul can take you away from your occupation. 

Especially the people you have grown to brush off.


Spell d-e-a-d a-i-r?

punta ka lantern parade? 

One of those classic situations where persistence rewards the stubborn.

labo eh may work ako on that day 

kelan tayo kulitan? 

dunno work muna ako cecile 

suplada hmmpp byeeee 

Must gloss over your wicked, wicked nature.

pasensya na 

Apparently, she is gifted with boundless forgiveness.

hi hi hi 

joke lang 

sige work ka na para may pang gatas si junior natin 

mwa ha hahahaha 

Now mugen, back to what you're doing...

A few hours later...


oy mugs matulog ka na at dito matutulog na gud am :) 

im at work sabi ko nga sayo diba? :D

Swear, she's getting on my nerves. Angkulit!

wala na akong crush/love interest 

ung pinagtatyagaan ko landiin dito sa fb ayoko na effort-in hmmpp 

sleep na me byeeeee :) 

The barrage of replies would have resulted in a written altercation. But there and then, a flashback prevented me from sending a stabbing encore. A scene from my past life - when - I would confide to a best friend with a tinge of hesitation why a girl-friend would pay so much attention, (and sometimes sweetness) that it becomes a fodder for the ever-hungry campus-wide rumour mill.

"Hindi kaya..."

The male confidant would just smirk. Same unspeakable hunch that often leads to an awkward confrontation much, much later with the girl.

And then with a snap, I was back to the present, with my long lost self echoing the same reason.

"I'm really sorry..."

Wanting to extend my apology for the insensitivity, I sent a reply hoping it would suffice for the heartbreak I caused.

goodnight cecille. :D

But the damage has been done, and chances are, she would never speak to me again. Guilty of my transgressions, for not seeing what it was really all about, I deserve to recieve no reply.


JC said...

nakakairita sya. *bitchslap*

CHOS! hahaha. *walk out*

JohnM said...

Teka boba-bobahan na ang drama ko. Pero di ko magets kung ano nangyayari. May gusto ba sya sau? papa JC paki-explain nga!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

At namaldita ang baabaa.


O sya, sya, ikaw na ang legal wife.

Hahaha! Chos! :)

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

Hm. She likes you.

Nate said...

@JC: go gurl!! bat bitchslap lang? you should've pulled her hair and make kaladkad of her... or prolly stomped her with your stilettos.. chozst! :P

@mugen: kaw na, kuya joms!! i think she likes you kaya she makes papansin like that..

Kiks said...

sadly, Mugs does not eat this type of seafood.

and hon, you deserve nothing of that sort from her. let he... sleep. ;-)

Leomer Apolonio said...

I love flying kicks and been practicing it for quite some time. Sorry, no connection at all. But you can use the flying kicks, on the right time, I suppose.