Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gang Badoy

I don't know when, or how, or why I came across her Twitter account. But the moment I began following her timeline, I became an instant fan. 

Her witty banters and personal thoughts about the issues of the day shape my own opinions. It was like meeting the cool teacher you never had. (or have, but decided not to make a run for social media) It was like returning to the university, except that learning happens, not in the four corners of the classroom, but in front of the computer while at work. I nod at her ideas and for that, I felt a little more engaged.

She is the founder of Rock Ed Philippines, an organization that aims to empower young people through alternative education. She used to host a radio talk show on NU-107 before the station had a crappy reformat last year. I wasn't able to tune in while she interviewed musicians, politicians and TV personalities, but I've heard she had a following. She pushes for youth participation, to make them more aware of the happenings in government, and believes that music lets young people get in touch with their world. Yada... yada... yada... So much for the cheesy talk. But I guess you get the drift.

Badoy's Twitter Account

The first time I saw her face was when she was interviewed for the National Geographic Channel's "Live Curious." campaign. When I told her about what I've seen, she merely replied, "Ayos ba, nahirapan pa akong mag-English niyan." Coolness to the nth level. It came straight from the gut. Before that, I used to think that Gang Badoy was a front man of a rock band. The disc jocks on NU were raving about the name, and now I know why.

But the entry is not about that. You see, I wouldn't pay this much attention, this much admiration, if not for this passage I came across on Wikipedia.

"Badoy is often noted as a hero for her actions during Typhoon Ondoy. Badoy took it upon herself to turn radio station Jam 88.3, which was hosting Rock Ed Radio at the time, into a venue for coordinating information about the situation in Metro Manila. The station had at first shifted to pre-recorded programming while its staff were unable to get to the station during the storm, but Badoy went there and insisted that it would be more useful for the station to do what it can to keep people connected and informed. Badoy insists to always include Lambert Cruz (a Jam 88.3 jock) in the narration of this story. After a few hours, several other friends and volunteers joined to assist in taking the urgent and numerous messages sent in by the many people stranded by the typhoon. Badoy believed that during the storm there's a high probability that only cell phones will have literal power and cell phones only have radios that connect to FM radio. So instead of keeping the news and information confined to AM airwaves, she took it upon herself to say FM radio should be directly involved in civic action, for once. "It just made sense." Is how she explains that revolutionary call she made during the first hours of Typhoon Ondoy."

To imagine her manning the DJ booth at a time of great need was enough to inspire. So awed I was that I became curious of her other accomplishments. Little did I know that my digging would lead to the organization she proudly represents.

Rock Ed.

And they are looking for volunteers.

I have always embraced the idea that greatness starts with selflessness, and in time of urgency, I have proven myself to answer the call.

Hoping that this little exercise to feature someone I look up to in Twitter would turn into something enriching, I signed up as a volunteer for Rock Ed Philippines. Gang Badoy may never come across this page dedicated to her, but in setting a clever example, perhaps, maybe, she has touched another soul.


Désolé Boy said...

I knew her through her former stint on ANC and of course with RockEd together with Direk Pepe Diokno. I remember being surprised to see Gang Badoy was actually a girl. Lol. That was years ago.

Mr. Hush Hush said...

sorry Mugen.. but I initially thought it was Budoy. na.excite pa naman ako. hehehe

seems like a great gal, she is.

the green breaker said...

ang cool ng babaeng ito. I've known her nung magka-Ondoy (since JAM 88.3 was the only clear station at the time, and they were the only ones who had news on FM) but I've never heard of her since. may Twitter acct pala siya. :D