Thursday, November 17, 2011


Arrived at work five minutes after the shift began. Late again for the nth time but I will get away with it. My delayed presence is a boon for others. In an office set-up where the highest officer is able to work on other pursuits (Bentusi) and watch video clips on YouTube, and blog about anything he fancies, nobody gives a damn. The people under me are busy updating their Facebook pages anyway. At the end of the day, all that matters is the numbers game: 

That the agents must get past their quota. 

But when you come to work to find that your workstation in suspended reformation, and that you are forced to find another computer that other agents use as their own, your performance gets a downgrade. It feels like being uprooted from your comfort zone and the sudden sea-change leaves you in a state of disrepair. You cannot perform your normal functions. You feel like losing your mind elsewhere. It didn't help that my menthol inhaler, that dildo-shaped apparatus I often shove on my nose had gone missing. And the only station available is the one with the slowest processing machine. But these little changes don't matter, what rubbed the most salt to my gaping wounds is to be shortchanged for my work

How can I stretch my budget at a time when the raketship is also being retrofitted.

And so a long day will pass, uneventful. Hopefully, just hopefully, my mood will make an upswing before the shift ends.


red the mod said...

I recently got my programs reformatted here at work, over a year of settings, plugins, personalizations gone down to the drain. Cheer up, it happens to everyone. What's important is you've backed-up your data. I felt the brunt of this lesson when my old micro-SD became damaged. Years of pictures, memories really, gone.

Kiks said...

it is raining here right now. hopefully, it will stop.

consider your parade just got rained on and you are just wishing for it to stop.

and it will. ;-)

for now, enjoy the wetness. who knows, someone just might give you an umbrella or share coats with you.

word verification: surex

Lyka Bergen said...

I love Kiks' word verification. I wanted to comment just to find out mine.... it's... repoi. What a word!

Mugen said...


Panalo nga yung WV niya. :) I wonder what repoi meant. Haha!

Panalo pa rin yung last entry mo, at hindi ko pa rin siya nagagawa.


Mother, as they say, even if it rains, the show must go on. :) So here I am, planning to write another blog entry.


If my entire folder got deleted, it will be a lesson. Anyway, I hope they're still retrievable. :)

Anonymous said...

There's a reshuffling of office tables here hoping for a more spacious arrangement of some sort.
And at the very least, the raketship stays. Mine was snatched away. Bad timing and all.
Anyway, you're Kuya Joms, after all, so I know it will be good in no time.

P.S. Since there are mentions of WV, mine was: sotaterm

-Désolé Boy

Mugen said...


I wish. learned the hard disk was corrupted and there's no way to retrieve my files.

I have no choice but to start from scratch.

Enjoy your big paycheck. :)

LanchiE said...

"Good Morning" pa rin!

I remember Boy Abunda in Private Conversations with Francisco Colayco. The financial adviser greeted the host, "Good morning in this evening."

Abunda laughed while Colayco explained the reason for his greeting.

Later, "But sometimes things get better towards the end of the day," the host said.

Colayco replied, "Now that's up to you."

Mugen said...


Thanks man, for cheering me up. :)

Good Morning! :D

Super Mario P. said...

Haha sobrang nakakarelate ako. As in today. I feel extremely demoralized. Pero buti na lang may mga tao pa rin na nakakapagpasaya sa atin. I'm very thankful for those people who make extra effort to cheer me up during the times I'm down. Cheer up, kapatid. (Haha sorry kung late. You know how busy I am *wink*)