Thursday, November 3, 2011

Backpacker: Santa Ana, Cagayan

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Fourth Part: Country Inn by the Sea

The earthly trail evaporates where the sea meets the land, and once again, I am back to the same spot I had just left when the sun was about to reign over the sky.

This time, there is no thrill in a comeback. My legs are heavy, like a log, and my head, woozy not because of sleeplessness but of hunger. 

The last morsels of noodles, meat and vegetables went down my gut at around 8 pm the night before, after the bus had crossed the highest pass between Sierra Madre and Caraballo. To stay more than 12 hours with an empty stomach is a feat no ordinary man could withstand.

Thank God for the skipped meals when I needed to lose weight, I never passed out.

The trike stopped in front of a two-story building that looks more like a motel, than a stately resort facing the sea. It has a narrow driveway leading to a courtyard which also serve as the parking lot. The lobby is found in a corner flanked by the conference room and the bar-slash-restaurant with a coffee-shop ambiance.

"At least the place doesn't reek of prostitutes." I thought. "Hope I found myself a much better place."

"Miss, may Wi-Fi kayo dito right?" I stopped asking about room rates and decided to just get to the point.

The receptionist confirmed what was advertised in Santa Ana's FB page. I then asked if I could try their Internet. Without asking questions, or even imposing conditions, she handed me a piece of paper with the password written on it.

This time, I was able to surf the web. 

Putangina! Sa wakas, nagtagumpay rin!

I immediately asked the partner to show up on Skype. While waiting for him to go online, I set up my temporary command post in one of the coffee shop's round tables. At the same time, I began negotiating the terms of my stay. Once I am able to show JC the panoramic view of the beach, I wouldn't look for another resort. Country Inn will serve as my shelter. 

"Ilan po kayo sa room?" The receptionist asked.

"Ako lang," I said proudly. "Ako lang mag-isa."

Before she was able to describe the features of the room, as well as the price for an overnight stay, the laptop suddenly chimed the familiar ringtone.

It was Baabaa calling.

Base Alpha (Country Inn Bar and Restaurant) 

"Mainggit ka!! Mainggit ka!!" I was teasing my partner repeatedly.

I picked up the laptop and carried it to the courtyard. I heard the receptionist warning me about the distance covered by the Wi-Fi signal, but her caution was ignored. I tried walking as close to the gazebos overlooking the beach, but by then, the sound of JC's voice had become spotty.

I had to go back.

Nothing much has been said, except that Baabaa kept on urging me to enjoy the vacation. He did rebuke my claims that I had plans before embarking on a road trip, and told me that instead of spending the day slumped in front of the laptop, I should explore.

We could always talk on Skype on another day.

After saying our goodbyes, I returned to the receptionist to seal the deal.

"P1700 ba kamo?" I took out my wallet to start counting my money. I'd be 400 pesos poorer and since I didn't bring a lot of hard currency, there's a possibility I'd be short on cash.

"Wala na bang discount yun?" The receptionist smiled.

Another attendant whisked me off to the rooms along the driveway. Two were available, one of which I could occupy depending on my fancy. There was this room with two beds for travellers, while the other had a king-sized one. Perfect for couples. I picked the latter since it was nearer to the courtyard. Besides, I don't want to see an empty bed reminding me of my solitary trip.

After dropping my bag, I stripped off my clothes and turned on the AC. I was about to take a shower but decided to switch on the television instead. I wanted to see what channels were available on their cable. By then, I was too tired to get up (for I was already in bed,) and I was getting comfortable between the pillows. Feeling the heat, and the thought of JC beside me, I began stroking my hard on, while letting my imagination fill the hole...

...inside my head.

Shit ang sarap.

Fell asleep naked and with beads of cum drying on my tummy.

Samsara Station (Family Room Deluxe 1,700 @ night - off peak) 

The sleep was a short-lived respite for I had been stirred by Tophe's phone call an hour later. I decided not to answer it. Before going back to bed, I checked the unread message on my inbox.

"Sir your room is ready, shall we go in?" Hah, if only it was worded that way. Instead he told me that the guest occupying the room reserved for me had left and he was asking if I'm still keen on renting it.

I didn't reply to his SMS. Only much later, did I send a text message telling him that I was able to get a room at Eastern Hawaii.

By then, dust, grime and the stains of my sticky manhood had accumulated on my body. Nakalimutan ko nga pala magshower bago makaidlip. Good thing, I was already naked. I tiptoed to the shower cubicle, adjusted the water heater so that hot water comes out, and took a leisurely bath. Suddenly, I found myself having a boner again and boy did I jack it off in front of the mirror until the sink was a mess.

It could have been a steamy honeymoon with the partner, but instead, I was making love with myself. Haha.

An hour before lunchtime and the pangs of hunger could no longer be set aside. I went back to the bar-slash-restaurant with a coffee-shop ambiance to order my first meal.

"Tocilog please," I told the waiter. I had to said bye-bye to my hundred pesos. To my surprise, P45 pesos made a comeback. Not bad for a hearty meal.

Between sending Tweet messages and waiting for the partner to go online again, a black cat wandered nearby and with the audacity of an in-house pet, rubbed its body against my legs. Being a cat lover, the pussy caught my attention but because I had no scraps of food on my plate, the poor feline had to make do with the endless cuddling and petting.

Twice, an attendant tried to shoo the cat away but I told her not to. I still want our picture taken.

Another waiter came back with a cup of coffee, complements of the group holding a seminar in the adjacent room.

It actually tasted good.

Mao (Darker Than Black)

The last Skype session happened at twelve noon, which is around midnight somewhere in the Atlantic. It was I who insisted the call, despite able to cover a dozen things to talk about the whole morning.

The partner and I had a brief and casual talk. Not the sing and dance he does in the confines of our own quarters at home. JC was more inclined to know what my plans are and at that time, I had none. In fact, had I failed to find a place to stay, I could simply put the laptop inside my backpack and board the same flower-hippie Florida Bus for a 15-hour return trip home.

Adik lang.

But instead, the partner's pragmatism prevailed.  

"Huy ano na! Di ka pa yata nag-offline simula kanina, lumabas ka nga diyan at maghanap ng pupuntahan." Sungit much eh?

He was right.

The secret blueprint, which I carefully and secretly drafted just days before my departure only covered the distance from Manila to Cagayan. I knew what bus to ride, the clothes and electronic gadgets to bring and the amount of cash to put in my wallet.

The plan had its failings too - like not bringing the Nano charger, or not taking into account the fact that Santa Ana has only one ATM machine, which according to my sources at the Country Inn goes offline all the time. I don't even know if there's a bus bound for Manila leaving Centro before noon.

I was there just for the Skype sessions but after the goal has been fulfilled, the itinerary is a blank slate open to a myriad of experience.

Looking back, the shoddy planning had left me with a brilliant opportunity to get to know how tough I am when left to my own devices. I was a first-time backpacker, with limited cash and limited time to see the town. What I will do after turning off the laptop will tell much about the rest of the trip.

Will I stay inside the box, or set free the great ancient trekker in me?

Babuyan Channel, Country Inn By The Sea

After saying goodnight and sweet dreams to my partner, I went back to my room to change into my beach attire.

"It's time to live my own life," I would reflect much, much later.

And with the word thrill etched in my eyes, my heart hesitates, yet relents nonetheless,

this is where the real adventure begins.

- tobecontinued - 
- final part -


tim said...

Yes Indeed it is an adventure!

Martin said...

Hahahaha tama nga naman partner mo. Go enjoy the place. For sure mas marami ka pang makikitang great sceneries sa labas.

Nakakatawa ang jack off session mo pero surely mas maganda yun pag kasama mo partner mo.

Pero ang adventure nga dun yung limited na cash na dala mo provided na 1 lang ang atm dun. Galing! aabangan ko yan! hahahaha

bien said...

Shit ang sarap hahahaha

i'm not sure if you've seen this old clip but it's surely for cat lovers

the green breaker said...

shit ang sarap. haha. nagising ako para mabasa na nagjakol ka sa motel. hahaha! (buti hindi ko ito nabasa bago ang mga palitan natin ng tweets kanina!)

mukha ngang wala kang kaplano-plano. pero may last part pa, at makikita namin kung anong nangyari. :D

JohnM said...

"I began stroking my hard on, while letting my imagination fill the hole...

...inside my head."

OMG. Kalurki! Nalurkey ako! Hahaha

Lady Datu said...


Leomer Apolonio said...

Mugs, not for anything else, I just felt sad reading this. Maybe because of the weather at this point. Or maybe because I feel your being alone in that place.

I wanna bring home Mao. Bagay sila ni Lucio, our white cat. Yin Yang lang ang peg nila. :)

Nate said...

@kuya joms: NKKLK ang self pleasurings mo.. tlgang naisama sya sa post.. hahaha!

ang ganda nung pic sa may shore..

at ang resto/bar with a coffee shop ambiance is rather posh..

panalo ang photo ni Mao.. malandi ang pagkaka-pose nya.. sya na!

next installment pls!! :)

Anonymous said...

i wanted to say so much but that cat is so awesome! i'm a big fan of cats but i have never owned a pure black cat as dark as night itself!

Super Mario P. said...

Hahahaha! Puro masturbation tong post na ito ah. Couldn't blame you. :) But it does feel good to wank off when you're on vacation.

Sean said...

gusto kong hiraming ang tungkod ni moses at pagpartihin ang dagat para sa inyong dalawa. can't wait for the next installment.

Karen said...

I enjoy reading your blog about Santa Ana. I'll be waiting for the final part =) Hope you enjoyed your travel vacation here...sorry for what happened sa ibang resorts na napuntahan mo...SunCity, Eastern Hawaii, Countryinn and Avalon Beach Club have great wifi connection. Mas ok po tlaga magpabook when you want to stay at SunCity and Eastern Hawaii kasi usually marami po silang guests dahil maganda po ang amenities nila at may casino po kasi.