Monday, November 7, 2011

The (Blog) World According To Garp

It took him just eleven words to convince me to move out of the PEx thread and into the realms of blogspot. Since the time I put up my first online journal, I never left.

A flashback:

February 16, 2004.
The Yahoo Groups

"Mej0 syrupy nga lang and s0brang dako at mahaba ang c0ntent." He was inviting us to take a peek into his world.

I have always been drawn to the written word long before I became a literary craftsman. Seldom do I read books, and for this reason, letters seem to elude me. But when a published work catches my fancy (or when an esteemed professor required a reading in class), I devour the sentences and paragraphs like a famished wanderer. Even scraps never go to waste.   

I hardly enjoy made-up tales, unless the entire piece brushes the realms of fantasy. This aversion to real-life speculation reinforced my affection to Non-Fiction. So strong was my obsession with the genre that I went all the way to Diliman just to master the craft. Five years later and I'm still struggling to cross the final lap.  

But the entry is not about me. This is a heads-up to that one person who stirred my consciousness so it would awaken in this world. For without his random (and nonchalant) blog plug, I would never find a place to lay down my broken quill.

Trust me when I say this: Back then, in the four corners of the classroom, boy I never write like this.

It was a juvenile attempt to spew out my thoughts and never feel bad about the puddle of word vomit I left as a trail. He on the other hand, was just refining his very sharp pen. And after all these years of surfacing and submerging into the pool of collective thought, he emerged once again to take his place as a precursor to what has become


"Garp said that I'm a better writer here than in PEx. Probably because I am free to do a lot of stuffs here that I can't do there and the thing is, I'm gradually enjoying my existence here. But after reading Toinks' (another prolific writer-friend) blog again, I feel that I'm still hopeless. I shouldn't have taken journalism as a course. Sometimes I still feel that I'm not worthy... to be a writer. Maybe taking up psychology would be a better idea instead. I think that I'm better when understanding human behavior rather than expressing myself through words."

Afternoon Jazz
Fullmetal Dreams
February 26, 2004

His return, after so many years of absence tells us that bloggers do make a comeback. And with his arrival comes the strongest sign to pursue my academic plans. These past few days, that little voice inside my head has been telling me again and again and again not to get terrified of Fiction.

Who knows, I may find the balls to start writing that thesis as well.

I know Mr. Garp, you don't want your identity revealed. But like a fan to a celebrity, it was giddiness I felt when I learned it was you who came back. And just to let you know, after all these years of writing and writing and writing - including our shared journeys,  

I always remember how it all began. 


Nate said...

inspiring.. really inspiring.. :)

Désolé Boy said...

It's interesting to listen to this, as you are inspired by this blogger to write in the same case that the likes of you inspired many people here including me to start blogging.
Perhaps through leaving we tend to realise the need to return. And there's nothing wrong with that, no?

Leomer Apolonio said...

That domino effect when one person inspires the other to do great things - which of course includes blogging.

It is always worth pursuing a passion. You never lose in that, you only gain.

Cheers Mugen and Garp! :)

the green breaker said...

People talk writer/writing! DB, you, Splice, (and me hahaha)

We all have Garps in our lives. I'm pretty grateful for my own Garp, some years ago, 2005ish. Hahaha.

I'm pretty sure you'll do more than fine kuya Joms. It is only our minds that limits us in as much as how our imaginations bring us to greater heights. Good vibes. =)

ZaiZai said...

it's wonderful how someone whose inspired can cause so much inspiration as well. I'm sure you'll do well in anything you put your writing skills on :)

Super Mario P. said...

I think Garp is equally proud of what you have achieved, Mugen! Do continue what you love.

daniel the jagged little egg said...

Super Idol kita sa pagsusulat sis..lam mo yan! Thanks to Mr.Garp :)