Sunday, November 13, 2011

Authoritarian Rule | Lock Down

At past 3 am, I received a text message and a missed call from my sister.  

"Nag ha-hyperacidity si Mama. Umuwi ka na." 

In an ordinary Saturday night out, I won't heed her SMS and still resume my drinking binge. But that morning, I felt something urgent about her plea. Two dance tracks later, I was saying goodbye to my friends to cut short my clubbing. 

JC decided to tag along with me.

When I got home, I learned that it wasn't as bad as to rush my mom to the hospital - to my relief. She was in her room, calmly reciting a prayer, while Baby Lenin slept beside her. After taking turns watching the baby while the matriarch went to the bathroom, I gave her a Loperamide tablet to ease the pain. 

"It must be the toxins," I thought. "Hopefully the poo-poo would flush them away.

An hour later and still, the pain didn't subside. 

It was close to daybreak when I went out to walk to the nearest 7-Eleven store near my place. I had to buy soda crackers, as per Nubadi's suggestion and that ready-to-drink Wheat Grass in can, endorsed by Maginoong Bulakeno on his Twitter last week. Mom said she felt better after grabbing a bite. 

I slept that morning with a troubled heart.  

Ten hours later, I returned to her room to check her condition. Baby Lenin was still beside her, this time awake and grabbing things to throw them out of the bed, hoping it would make a sound. When asked about what she felt, mom said the pain remains but it was manageable. You can sense the hollowness in her words.

While having lunch, I convened the house-help to give orders.

"Meron yatang ulcer si Mama. Simula ngayon, kailangan na pakainin niyo siya sa oras." It was one of those moments when my words become the law.

"Si Ate naman kasi eh, Pepsi ng Pepsi... Ayan tuloy," One of the maids butted in.

"Simula ngayon wala ng Pepsi. Kapag nagpumilit, ako kamo ang nag-utos."  

To make sure my words are supported by the higher powers, I sent a text message to the favorite aunt to seek a doctor's advice. She called thirty minutes later, while I was at Mercury Drug to see if they sell Wheat Grass Juice in bulk. They only offer the ones in sachet packs.

"Alisin na lahat ng soft drinks pati na rin kape." The favorite aunt's stern voice boomed over the headset. More than anyone else in the family, her strict instructions hardly get bent.

"Itetext ko na lang sa iyo kung ano yung gamot na ipapainom." At least she wasn't fuming this time. Si Mama naman kasi, habang tumatanda, nagiging pasaway.

I returned home with a new set of orders. Some of them were made-up to impose heavier sanctions meant to teach my mom the importance of good health. Fried and fatty dishes will be off the menu and so is coffee. The driver-slash-assistant will also prevent the matriarch from buying meals from fast food kiosks. I'm even thinking of letting my mom substitute on steamed banana for snacks. Since she will demand for anything sweet to maintain her "normal" sugar level, I have decided to experiment with these:

Pha-Max Wheat Grass 

I'm hoping the juice's healing properties will do wonders before we have to resort to more serious and expensive medications.