Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Comeback | Opening Salvo

"Dude I have to go."

"Talaga? Aga pa ah."

"Ummmm... Kanina pa ako sa labas eh."

"So tulog ka na niyan pagdating mo sa bahay?" I cannot help but see his mischievous smile as something else.

So there goes another chance to score big in the seduction game last night, but I withdrew at once when things got a little fired up. The hunk dad I was talking to is a Balikbayan from Singapore. His rugged appeal was something I could not resist. His good looks and undeniable charms attracted me and I was a bit surprised at his warm reception to my subtle advances.

"Nope, clubber lang yun... Inggit ka dun sa nagsasayaw no?" He asked me if the guy in front was one of the go-go dancers.

A grin on his face reinforced my assumptions.

"Tanggalin na kasi natin yang sando mo, mas maliit pa nga tiyan mo sa kanya eh." I was nudging his tummy while prodding him to reveal the entirety of his dark-skin goodness. Later during our small talk, when his attention was already more focused towards me than the Dubai Chinoy who flirted with him earlier, he didn't resist when I put my arms around his broad shoulders.


The comeback, in which I chose BED as the touchdown, was a stellar performance from my arrival up to my departure. The guys out there were a little too friendly despite me keeping a recluse mood.

Drunk, after downing more than seven bottles of Red Horse and San Miguel Light at a birthday party I attended before dropping the bomb in Malate, (Where I flirted with a guest introduced by a tropa to the group) the absence of restraint granted me the confidence to approach whoever I want.

I could have struck the hunk guy with seductive lines such as "nope, pagpapantasyahan muna kita bago ako matulog," or "sounds like you want me to stay pa ah" or "why did you ask, wanna sleep with me?" but I decided not to.

Some actions must be thought well.

Had he touched a sensitive part of my body, which often preludes the games I played in some other bars in the area, things would have been different. The night-out would have ended in a home run.

And the bonds holding a stringent cycle will be broken.


dencios said...

binasa ko ang post mo a. ang masasabi ko lang magandang pick up line ito:

"nope, pagpapantasyahan muna kita bago ako matulog,"



rudeboy said...

"Had he touched a sensitive part of my body, which often preludes the games I played in some other bars in the area, things would have been different."

Tits or ass?

Anonymous said...

i adored you when you turned your back in the malate kind of night life...

but i adored you more when, upon your comeback,you resisted the guy's charm and not ended in bed together.


Knox Galen said...

Anon: Sad to admit but clubbing is my life. I cannot deny that, not in a million shot.

But I set my rules now. At the very, very least lust is a tool I use to unchain some dormant affectionate emotions still hidden deep within me.

Rudeboy: None of the above. Hehehe.

Dencios: Hah! Kapag yan ang ginamit ko, sasabihin lang sa akin nung guy, "bakit kelangan mo pa ako pagpantasyahan eh nandito na ako. Lol.

Mac Callister said...

haha pagpantasyahan muna kita bago matulog,i like that hmmmmm

dark_knight said...

kewl... ^_^

Aris said...

see you soon on the dancefloor (or ledge?) hehe! :)