Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I decided to take the role of the IT guy today. My job is to clear all computers of trash data dumped by agents who see their workstations as a repository of their personal mementos. As I sift through different folders, I found a notepad document containing words evoking deep and profound emotions weaved and crafted into poetry.

Out of admiration for that agent who, in his idle time has chosen to spin stanzas than surf the internet one bitter December morning, I decided to immortalize his poems by sparing the folder containing them and publishing one of his finest to be part of my blog.

carving dimensions...
1:46 am 12/20/08
4:36 am 12/20/08

the darkest of shadows, may have wilted across shallow waters
crushing every drop of vapor, that once streamed still on lands
gripping tight of the sand, that time has never quenched
bricks of wind being thrown around, as it echoes within the ground

gracious in every way, like a star that never wants to fade
the trails have been long tossed, for generations to amass
yet tomorrow is still unclear, as footsteps washed along the shore
unable to put a single motion, unable to bring a caution

stairs have been built, forever crawling onto the skies
some of the lines are going brittle, making way for a new harvest
they will keep on coming, glass shrieking loudly with tremor
stones are breathing heavy, with the rain marching in unity

nativity is moving closer, leaving holes with crisp sharp edges
weaving trees and boulders, wiping all that stands in its path
planting seeds along the way, till the dawning of the night
roots are burrowed deep, another cycle is meant to weep

*dreaming in a perspective of ones mystery*

unspeakable thoughts, swarming a simple mind
brainwaves travelling, as one side by side
a force that levels, the imbalance of oddity
dreaming in a perspective of ones mystery…

before a frigid soul, there was a lonely wicked spell
casted on that body, heavily anchored with farewells
the sight of emptiness, was so clear to see
eyes are blanketted, with hurtful memories….

but the heat gently melts, the aching away
emotions are high, moments are there to stay
feverish touch welded, by a scorching intimacy
dreaming in a perspective of ones mystery…

lips of a charcoal, burning canvass with deep red
resembles how an ocean, drifts the sun as it sets
drawing an artform, that have been etched while being sent
nevertheless diverted, to be seen but not felt….

i’ve collected my mind & composure seems so right
with these colony of words, marching towards each door
you’ll be a witness of this crazy, somewhat strange uncertainty
dreaming in a perspective of ones mystery…


xtian1978ii said...

I have 3 officemates before who write beautiful poetry. nakakamove talaga. bloggers sila dati pero two one of them stopped na. Fav ko pa naman mga sulat niya.

engel said...

it is a moving piece indeed. deep and provocative. it's rare to find poets who write like that.

ash said...

i have this annoying tendency of writing posts that ends up being poetic. then i would rewrite them to take away the tone.

theres this complex that writers tend to use to not strike the obvious and keep the suspense, all in a rhythmic play of words.

Knox Galen said...

Ash: Strange. You complain about the way you write your entries, when I praise them every time I speak to a blogger about your blog.

Engel: Haven't absorbed the poem yet. But the agent who composed the stanzas appear to be a colleague who's also a single parent.

I find him cute. LOL.

Xtian: Talaga? Hindi ko alam kung sino ang mga poets sa mga katrabaho ko eh. Dati si IamDatu, katrabaho ko siya. She's one of the best writers I know.

dabo said...

my take on dreaming on perspectives...:

it swept me away.. ang galing ng pagkasulat nya.. punong puno ng emotions.

sa loob ng limang stanza, he/she told a very familiar story for all of us to wonder.

Abou said...

it's so nice of you to have posted his work.

na enjoy ko sya basahin :-)

Knox Galen said...

Dabo: Master Emo siya. Sobra. Hehehe.

Abou: Natuwa lang ako kasi hindi ko alam na may mga poets sa workplace ko. Hindi niya malalaman na nagcicirculate na sa internet ang gawa niya, but its the least I could do to preserve his writing.

Welcome to my blog dude.