Monday, September 14, 2009

Eye On The Tiger (Episode Eight)

[23:54] eltigre: muggs magkanu mag pa pasta ngayun

[23:55] knox galen: nasa 600 yata

[23:55] knox galen: butas ngipen mo no?

[23:55] eltigre: wah ang mahal pala

[23:55] knox galen: oo kaya

[23:56] eltigre: ganun

[23:56] eltigre: ang hirap naman maging ok sa panahong ito

[23:56] eltigre: :))

[23:56] knox galen: oo nga

[23:56] knox galen: kaya dapat hanap ka na mag-aalaga sa iyo

[23:57] eltigre: mag aalaga ?

[23:58] knox galen: uu

[23:58] knox galen: para hindi ka nagkakasakit

[23:58] knox galen: me pakilala akong tsik sayo gusto mo?

[23:58] eltigre: tsik sino

[23:58] knox galen: basta

[23:58] eltigre: cge basta ba

[23:59] eltigre: pasado ako e

[23:59] eltigre: :))

[23:59] eltigre: sigurista

[23:59] knox galen: pasado?

[00:00] eltigre: pasado ako sa knaya at syaa saken

[00:01] knox galen: haha

[00:01] knox galen: paano pag di siya pasado sayo?

[00:03] eltigre: mutual dpat syempre para kanaan na

[00:03] eltigre: joke alng

[00:03] eltigre: joke

[00:03] knox galen: uyy

[00:03] knox galen: tigang si miyawmiyaw

[00:03] knox galen: hahaha

[00:04] eltigre: me note ka na naman a

[00:04] eltigre: :))

[00:04] eltigre: nabasa ko knina

[00:04] knox galen: oo

[00:04] knox galen: baka isipin mo iniwan na kita eh

[00:05] eltigre: hidni naman

[00:05] eltigre: bait mo nga e

[00:06] knox galen: ako mabait?

[00:06] eltigre: oo kahit ayaw mo makipag usap

[00:06] eltigre: :))

[00:06] knox galen: aminin mo na, nagblublush ka kapag natatanggap mo yung mga
notes ko no

[00:06] eltigre: ngek ngek

[00:06] eltigre: blushing ang pucha

[00:06] knox galen: yari ka talaga sa akin

[00:06] knox galen: pag tinamad ka magbuhat!

[00:07] eltigre: oo hindi n

[00:07] knox galen: ikaw ren

[00:07] knox galen: papayat ka na

[00:07] knox galen: hindi ka na pogi.

[00:07] eltigre: hahaha

[00:07] knox galen: wala nang hunk sa gym

[00:08] eltigre: nge maraming hunk dun a

[00:08] eltigre: :))

[00:08] eltigre: ako alng pala

[00:08] knox galen: isa na ako

[00:08] knox galen: nyehehehehe


El Tigre and I became gym buddies after his membership signing. We used to have the same work-out schedule so we get to see each other at the gym. Often, he would take his Friday's off just to join my Saturday training. I didn't know if his moves were mere coincidences, but his constant presence had always been an inspiration. El Tigre impassioned me to lift bars better.

We used to be an inseparable pair and even the head coach must have noticed how we stayed until past midnight just to wait for the other to complete his routine. We would horse around to the annoyance of other members, and scoff at each other's ability to do reps until one of us declare an exercise failure. Everything changed when I was groomed for higher office at work and now that we seldom see each other, I fear that my absence had lessened his motivation.

Twice, he told me over Yahoo Messenger that he is getting bored: That he is becoming impatient with the results. I had to remind him that pumping iron is a lifelong commitment. My pep talk seems to have brought him back to his senses. As an encouragement, I tend to leave notes on a piece of paper inside his training folder. Etched on the note are the words "miyaw-miyaw" and includes a drawing of a cat. I don't know if it worked, but certainly, my efforts brought the two of us closer.

Sometimes I wonder how I am able to evade attachments when my actions go against my rule about crossing the line. There are times our platonic relationship gets blurry, especially when one shows sweetness to the other in ways nobody expects the other could do.

More than a month ago, I was pinned down by a 120 lbs barbell after my arms surrendered from doing presses. It was too heavy, I could not lift the bar off my chest. With no help coming, I struggled to free myself from being trapped. Suddenly, El Tigre ran towards my power cage to lift the barbell that was crushing me.

He left the spot taunting how weak I have become.

Yes, I felt weak after he became my knight in shining armor.

Maybe it is for the better that our different training schedule kept us from seeing each other. Perhaps, it is good that our contact stays with Meebo instead of calling or sending each other text messages or hanging out at the mall.

For at times, when I catch glimpse of El Tigre's boyish face - smiling sheepishly across my bench - as we took breaks between our exercise - I secretly wish he wasn't just my straight training buddy.

A secret part of me hope he is someone



[00:34] eltigre: muggs matutulogs na ako

[00:34] knox galen: sige

[00:34] eltigre: nasa work ka ata e

[00:34] knox galen: at maaga pa pasok mo mamaya

[00:34] knox galen: wala

[00:34] knox galen: nasa bahay lang

[00:34] eltigre: wag mo kwento ke coach mga aspirations ko a

[00:34] eltigre: :))

[00:34] knox galen: masyadong buraot sked ko eh

[00:34] knox galen: hahahhaa

[00:34] knox galen: sure

[00:34] knox galen: ibubulong ko lang

[00:34] knox galen: lol

[00:34] eltigre: loko

[00:35] eltigre: wag mo nga ikukwento

[00:35] eltigre: pag ready na

[00:35] knox galen: opo

[00:35] eltigre: ko

[00:35] knox galen: sige

[00:35] eltigre: nite

[00:35] knox galen: nite

[00:35] eltigre: rarrr!

[00:35] eltigre: hahaha

[00:35] knox galen: tulog na

[00:35] knox galen: miyawmiyaw

[00:35] Meebo Message: eltigre: is offline


blagadag said...

just enjoy every moment.

MkSurf8 said...

tama si blagadag =) meow lang ng meow!

Anonymous said...

seeing this make me smile

nice start.

dont be afraid.

it's a good start.

you wish he was not just a gym buddy but also someone else...

that can happen.

but remember

nasa iyo yun kung puwede.

there's a big difference between 'that can happen' and 'that may happen'

i dream that this scene would come into reality--

knox: can you be my 'someone'?

miyaw miyaw: i dont know if you can...but definitely you 'may'...

nangungulit lang dude.


engel said...

i know this is not supposed to be a love story. not yet anyway.

but i can't help but feel a tinge of kilig.

red the mod said...

Fate never fails to throw a fast-ball. It gives us a taste of what we must aspire for, if only to momentarily remove us from the weary situations of the present.

In so doing, we welcome the chance for extended animation, to reinvigorate our weary spirit amidst the anarchy of surviving. I have high hopes for your friendship, whether or not it blooms to be something more. Fact is, you are already lucky to have El Tigre in your life. And he, you.

His is the sort you'd like to keep. Straight or non-straight.

Mr. Scheez said...


xtian1978ii said...

sarap ng feeling ng may crush. lalo na king hindi naman nya alam hahaha. kilig mode.

Anonymous said...

when it comes to platonic/brotherly relationships like this, the first one to fall is the first one to lose. just enjoy the chase and the second-guessing because admit it, it feels nice, even just for a moment and even if it wasn't romantic.