Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Miss Toothache

Lack of sleep has forced me to down bottles of Cobra Energy Drink. The sugar rush has kept me alert during the trainings, and has given me added strength doing my work outs. I was taking a big risk and I knew it. Too much glucose and it may trigger the latent Diabetes already imprinted on my genes.

The downside of guzzling an "energy drink" is that it replaces compound nutrients with basic carbohydrates. It means that I could last a day without having a meal (which I did, a couple of times) - unless I really force myself to eat. Strangely enough, I never felt weak or my body compromised. It seems the sugar rush sustained me

until it began assaulting my teeth.


I resolved the trouble of toothache by having my tooth extracted when I was a kid. It doesn't matter if I lose one because a tooth will replace the one that was taken away. When I became a little older, I resorted to almagam application to restore the damage. I've never been an enthusiast when it comes to oral hygiene so imagine the patches left by the pasta on my teeth.

Going back to the tooth problem, the symptoms began to appear after having a scrumptious Fried Chicken for lunch the other day. I do not know if it was the breading, but something tells me that Ministop's Chicken tastes very different from the others I have already tried. I took a nap shortly after the meal and when I woke up later that evening, the left side of my face began to feel a tinge of pain.

It's like the teeth within is being beaten by a drum stick.


I try to ignore the sting but when the pain suddenly assaults my senses, it keeps me from functioning well. This morning, the pain did not manifest after deciding not to resort to Cobra for my wakefulness. However, denying myself of stimulants to keep me awake, I was left in a lethargic state during the rest of the day.

Shift ended at 5 pm. I could have stayed longer to keep Mami Athena company. But with the pain becoming too agonizing, I had to excuse myself so I could secure an emergency appointment with the dentist. When I left the building, I ran towards the nearest ATM to withdraw money. Weird, when the one thousand bill spewed by the machine has slid over the palm of my hand, the sting ceased and the pain disappeared without a trace.

There. I don't know how to explain it, but it seems after realizing that I have to shell out money for some unplanned expense, the nerve connected to that part of my teeth that was in pain suddenly stopped sending pulses to my brain.

I hit off the gym instead.


Five things to keep the sting from returning:

1. coffee, instead of energy drink to keep me awake
2. water, lots and lots of it.
3. avoid sweets
4. never use the left molars for chewing
5. ponstan 500


Anonymous said...

JUST IN CASE, mag patingin ka na rin.mas malala ang mangyayari kapag masyado nang huli mong madiskubre kung ano mang dahilan bakit sumasakit ang iyong ngipin

tulad ng nangyari sa akin, yung bagang ko, sumakit, dumepende lang ako sa mefenamic acid...tild bigla na lang siyang nadurog one day, tapos may naiwan sa loob ng gums

yun pala, kaya sumasakit kasi may problema na sa loob ng ngipin ko

mas nagastusan ako kasi inoperahan pa

ge, sa email na lang ulit.

blagadag said...

"if symptoms persist, consult your dentist."

engel said...

the pain may be gone temporarily but you still need to have that checked.

malay mo ano na meron sa ngipin mo. lalo pa lumaki gastos mo.

pie said...

patingin ka nga! its not enough that you have will power.. sometimes, kelangan may professional intervention na. get well, knox.

Anonymous said...

better safe than sorry knoxxbro. ;)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Too much glycerin and it may trigger the latent Diabetes already imprinted on my genes.

ermmm, don't you mean glucose? ;)

Goodboi said...

Can I add one to the list?

Use mouthwash before and after kissing. Este, brushing your teeth.

Knox Galen said...

Goodboi: Thanks thanks! Will add mouthwash to my list of toiletries next time.

Eternal Wander: Yeah! Thanks for clarifications. Hehehe. It's indeed glucose and not glycerin.

Maxxbro: Its under observation. Ayoko rin naman maging miserable buhay ko because of it.

Knox Galen said...

Pie: Nakaready na yung dentist in case the pain gets worse.

Engel: It actually needs a root canal. Pero pasta would still do. Just don't have the budget for it.

Blagadag: Will keep that in mind.

Period: Thanks sa paalala dude.

<*period*>; said...

huwaa..nag anonynous na nga, huli pa rin kung sino ako

that made me laugh

tago tago tago sa anonymous...

huli din kung sino

hindi na ako secret commentator

am i making sense?


dahil siguro na rin sa puyat kaya ganito..ahahaha

day off mode

Mr. Scheez said...

Pareho tayo kapatid, tadtad ng pasta ang ipin.

Try mo rin mag-floss. Yung sumisiksik sa tabi ng mga ipin na muscle fibers ng chix, pork, and beef nagka-cause ng tartar pagka-sira nito.


xtian1978ii said...

isa sa pain na mahirap tiisin. pamatay sa sakit. nakakainit ng ulo. tama sila patingin mo na din pre.

kung sobrang dami ng client ko nag extra joss ako haha

fox said...

the more you amalgam on your teeth.. the more they get weaken. for the mean time.. i suggest to take mefenamic acid.. Alaxan XR is the best.. (commercially endorsed haha)tried and tested ko na yan.. hehe

Knox Galen said...

Fox: Wala akong choice, magpapa-pasta ako sooner or later. Ponstan ang kaibigan ko ngayong mga panahong ito. Hehehe.

Xtian: Nakaready na ang ponstan in case mangyari yun. Sumasakit lang naman pag na-aalog. Hehehe.

Mr.Scheez: Isa ang pagflo-floss sa mga bagay na kailangan ko matutunan. Kasama na dun ang pagbili ng mouthwash.