Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Good Deal For Tekkie Boys Like You

I'll be taking two shifts at work today. Should I succeed in giving pep talk to the agents I trained two days ago, I would accomplish one of the things I wrote on the list. Since my mind is set for a reboot (a reformat would do better) and nothing profound or creative will squeeze out of my head, I'm re-posting an invitation to help a very good friend clear his inventory of well-maintained, second-hand gadgets.

Take a look at the price and see if its a deal worth your Xmas Bonus.

Jamo Home Theater System

Includes HDMI DVD Player with IPod Jock

Selling Price: P10K

BlackBerry 8310 (Red Color)

Selling Price: 10K

XBox 360

Selling Price: 10K

Ipod Touch 32gb, wifi

Selling Price: 7K

Please send your orders and inquiries to:

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