Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ode To The Child

10. Stopped by to help an old lady climb the stairs of the Aurora-Edsa Overpass. I was on my way to Mami Athena's place in Project 4 to deliver her present. The old lady was grateful for my help. She also sensed I was on a rush. So after we reached the top, she told me I could go. I bid her Merry Christmas before walking towards the direction of Gateway Mall.

9. Was queuing at Baker's Fair with my Hopia when a much older lady poked at my back. She was asking for spare change. Mindlessly, I gave away my crisp twenty pesos. Seconds later, the old lady vanished among the passing crowd.

8. Still in Cubao, I thought of giving half the contents of the Hopia pack I was eating to a street kid. He didn't recognize what was inside the package at first. Narealize lang niya na pagkain yung bigay ko nung nasa baba na ako ng MRT overpass. From a distance, I heard the kid singing, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much Thank you!!" Looking back to acknowledge his appreciation, I smiled at him before boarding the bus going to Greenhills.

7. Inside the cab somewhere in Greenhills, I spotted an Aeta Mother clutching her kid close to her breasts. She was leaning against the window of the car in front of us. I knew she was begging for alms so I asked the cab driver to lower the side window to reach out to the mother. In my hand was a hundred peso bill I took from my wallet.

Learned a little later she had another kid sitting on the pavement.

6. Dad's ex-alalay dropped by to pay a visit. He was looking for me (since the maid doesn't know him.) Thought of giving my plus-sized shirts as Christmas gifts but I overheard the Lesbian driver saying, "Naku, pera ang kailangan nun!" I was running out of cash, but decided against my stinginess. Handing over another hundred peso bill to the maid, I told her to tell the ex-alalay that the money came from my sister.

The ex-alalay left a copy of today's issue of my dad's tabloid.

5. Learned that my mom not only gave presents to the neighbors, she also handed gifts to our boarders.

To think we're in the midst of an economic crisis.

4. Beat the deadline I set last 15th. All the godchildren receive a gift from Ninong Galen.

3. Mother formally made peace to my dad's ex mistress. She gave her a gem-studded ring from Silverworks. The ex mistress now runs the Sikyu Agency and the Publishing Company our family used to own. Read a part of the message written in the gift tag saying "Thank you for looking after my husband's enterprises." Though we do not have any stake in the businesses anymore. The thought of closure warms the heart. I personally delivered the gift and made peace with her as well.

2. Volunteered to go all the way to Navotas and deliver the gifts for another aunt's family. She is my dad's younger sister. Mom told me several days ago that her OFW-TNT husband wasn't able to get his pay from his boss. I understood their situation, (Mom already gave a thousand pesos for their Noche Buena) and so to make their Christmas a little happier, they will be opening presents tonight.

1. Tradition tells that the entire family celebrates the holidays together. Aunts, Uncles and cousins stay overnight at my "Favorite Aunt's" place in Paranaque. Though I will arrive a little late this evening, (Mom and sister already left the house earlier) the essence of this special day remains. Like all the Noche Buenas we feasted in the past and then huddling under the big tree for the opening of gifts, its not really the material things that matter; its the thought of togetherness that counts.

And as it has always been in the beginning, the birth of the Child will be remembered with peace in our hearts.

This is the Soul Jacker greeting everyone a Blessed Christmas!


Aris said...

Merry Christmas, Joms! :)

anteros' dominion said...

HAPPY holidays po

long before i decided to give it a shot and meet you, i know in my heart, that decision is something i will never regret in my life

thank you for sharing life's beautiful lessons with me

thank you for everything

in god's time i know i'll be able to repay you

and despite the unfair judgments and criticisms, i know my friendhip with you will withstand the storm

with much love,

citybuoy said...

merry christmas soul jacker! you painted a really nice picture of your christmas. made me feel all fuzzy and stuff.

blagadag said...

palagay ko, ikaw ang kulay ng aking pasko. you really are a star. with the 10 good deeds, talo mo pa ang nine simbang gabi. continue shining. (mahapdi pa ba?)

Eisen said...

Have a Happy Christmas! :)

ika said...

meri krismas din po!

fox said...

merry christmas joms!!! i thank God for having you as my friend..

peeeetah said...

Merry Christmas sir!! Have a good one!

YOu already know how much i appreciate you and this blog. Thank you so much. :)

All the best for you and your family. Enjoy the holidays!

Much love,
peeeetah ♥

dr magsasaka said...

Hindi ko yata kaya itong ginagawa mo.
Merry Christmas!

gillboard said...

Maligayang Pasko Joms!!!

Jinjiruks said...

maligayang pasko sa iyo pati na sa iyong pamilya. Let Christ be the reason over this season!

Mac Callister said...

hey merry xmass hope ur having a great holiday

Herbs D. said...

happy holidays to you too papi :)

thecurioscat said...

Merry Christmas J

Anonymous said...

merry christmas knoxxbro! kitakits sa sun.

gauxves said...


Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

Heart-warming. :)

f. jordan said...

Happy Christmas to you! As always, keep on hopping...

domjullian said...

nice.Merry Christmas indeed.

Johnny Cursive said...

Sweeeeeeeet! Merry Christmas! *yakap mahigpit*