Saturday, December 12, 2009

Alicia Keys (Last Part)

The living room and the kitchen objects may have been spared from rearrangement, but the very grounds they occupied were the center of the house-wide search for the missing car key which took our lives away this afternoon.


Mother was worried. Someone must have broken in and stole the key from its hiding place. The driver assured her that the door was locked at all times. She didn't budge, still. After all, her fears were feeding her assumptions. You see, these past few days she was telling everyone how rampant theft is in the neighborhood. I think she heard it from the grapevine. I reasoned with her by saying that the dog stays outside so its impossible for a burglar to get in.

Still she was not convinced.

Everyone took part to find the key that would bring the car's engine back to life. Utol scoured the master's bedroom's for clues that may lead us to the missing object, while the driver combed their quarters in hopes of hearing a faint "clink" from a metallic object crashing on the floor. Even Miyawi, the pregnant house cat who at the moment was blissfully sleeping on top of a pile of rugs was drawn in for question. My suspicion was, the key fell to the ground and the cat, thinking it was one of her playthings, dodged the shiny object until it went under the cabinet.

Meanwhile, my mom was getting restless. While everyone was busy looking for the key, she sat on the sofa and nagged about the most trivial things she must do today. She said it's her plan to go shopping and that she needs to withdraw money to replenish her wallet reserves. I told her not to blame the driver or put much pressure to find the missing key. I reminded her that it was the driver who did all the work at home after the maid went on vacation.

"Oo nga..."

Finally, empathy is beginning to douse her anger.

The incessant rummaging went on until mother felt the pangs of hunger in her tummy. She called off the search and told the driver to get her something to eat. While everyone was taking a breather from the events that happened, I toyed with the idea of deus ex machina to put an explanation as to why the key is missing.

"Eh baka naman ayaw tayo talaga paalisin ngayon?" I told my mother.

"Alam mo naman, malapit na ang birthday ko at alam naman natin na takaw aksidente ang mga araw na ito." I had to remind her the series of accidents I met in the past. I also confided her the dream I had that morning.

Faceless strangers lighted candles while singing happy birthday to me.

Mother was convinced of the supernatural explanation I offered. Not only did she stop scolding the driver, she even gave permission for me to go to Shoemart to buy a crowbar lock and inquire at Mr. Quickie about key replacement.

"Well kung nanakaw talaga yung susi, then malas nung magnanakaw, may bago siyang proproblemahin bago mailabas yung sasakyan."

I returned an hour later with a crowbar lock in my hand. I was able to catch my favorite aunt in the sala talking to my mom. She dropped by to personally deliver toothbrushes for give aways before heading to a Christmas Party. After the brief exchanges of beso-beso, my aunt told us to look for a locksmith. She said he can easily forge a replacement key for the FX.

I told them I already commissioned one before heading home.


As to why our lives ceased to function the moment we learned of the missing car key, the blame falls solely on us. No one thought the key would get lost so we didn't think of having it duplicated. The car is more than a decade old, its first owner have long passed away. Had we followed our logic and went to Toyota instead, it would take us forever to have the car key replaced.

"Ipagpabukas ko na lang po pagpunta sa locksmith," the driver suggested.

"Mabuti pa nga at baka suwertehin pa tayo." Mom agreed.

"Swertehin saan?" I asked.

"Na makita pa yung susi."

"O sige, basta maggy-gym muna ako ha."

"Huwag ka magpagabi."


So I went to the gym together with Kuya Fox. Rain Darwin promised to show up after he's done meeting someone. The kanto gym was packed with students from the nearby university. My eyes feasted while scanning their lean and sweaty bodies. Finally, I've learned to find a "kabit" after spotting an eye candy. But since it would take some time for me to return to the kanto gym, I thought of having him as a one night stand partner. After all, you get to see the asawa and the kabit on a regular basis.

Kuya Fox and I decided to head straight to Kowloon House after catching up with Rain Darwin. On our way there, we talked about love and romance and how my views stand directly opposite to his. When dinner was finished, we decided to walk the entire stretch of Balete Drive to continue our talk about getting old. I cannot deny I miss being carefree at 22. Now that responsibilities threaten to take the last vestiges of youth in me, I cannot help but feel envious of the Kutong Lupa. Life and new experience still await them. We parted ways upon reaching Aurora Boulevard and after receiving a text message from my mother asking what time I would get home, she mentioned, in a passing, a surprise I was never expecting.

"Nakita na yung susi kanina." she said on text.

"Paanong nakita?" I inquired

"Itanong mo na lang kay Jenny"

Arriving home, I learned from the driver that she found the key inside the cabinet where the candy-colored hangers are kept. She found the missing key on its most inaccessible corner. As to how it got there, nobody knows.

Not even Miyawi's paws could shoot such object in such very remote location.


A deus ex machina (pronounced /ˈdeɪ.əs ɛks ˈmɑːkinə/ or /ˈdiː.əs ɛks ˈmækɨnə/, literally, in Latin, "god from the machine") is a plot device in which a person or thing appears "out of the blue" to help a character to overcome a seemingly insolvable difficulty.



Herbs D. said...

i remember reading deus ex machina on Lemony snicket's Series of unfortunate events: The vile village where the Baudelaires had to escape this jail cell with a piece of bread and a jar of water.

good times. good times.

Manech said...

I have this belief that we find things when and where we least expect them.

And it always is a nice surprise when one finds exactly what he's looking for.

blagadag said...

ipa-duplicate mo na yan, anak.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

i might have missed reading it somewhere, but a car usually has two set of keys.

where was the other one?

Galen said...


Something tells me the book struck a chord in you. I wonder what memory does it keep.


The car has only one key. We don't have any duplicate yet. :P

Galen said...


Mommy, i-checheck ko sa driver kung na-duplicate na yung key. Thanks for the reminder!


I agree! Hehe.