Friday, December 4, 2009

Obedience | The Great Manila Roundtrip (First Part)

The supervisor told me to stay so somebody could assist her in re-training the agents from our special accounts. It means all activities - including the work-out - had to be moved at a later time to give way for the extra hours I'll be grounded in the office.

At past 4 in the afternoon, the exercises were just about to be discussed. Realizing that we would never finish in time, the trainer requested for an extension. The agents expressed their subtle disappointments, but a refresher needs to be accomplished. Everyone was already at work since 6 in the morning and because overtime is a concept not familiar in our job, the agents could only listen (and daydream) as lessons were being explained on the white screen.

I wasn't paying attention to the training - like everyone else. Instead, my thoughts were deluged with ways on how to finish my errands - for aside from the gym, my mom, my sister and the supervisor asked me to do favors, which I had to accomplish before the day ends. The journey will take me around the city - in places that are long known to me. But the physical strain is unimaginable. Coming from a worse case of diarrhea just days ago, the struggle to hold my strength would be monumental.

I immediately left the workplace at around 5:30 after getting the green light from my sup. Lighting a cigarette I bought across the street, the race to accomplish everything had begun.

Avon Store, Legarda
6:04 PM

Even when my tummy hurts and my body dropping like a log, the utol hounded me to buy her beauty products from Avon. My sister needed a pressed powder for her face because according to her, she makes beso with the "big people" and she could not afford to look trashy for having an oily skin. She also added that since tibak folks like her are being associated with the jologs, a make-over is her only way to gain credibility from the "big people" she meets.

I snubbed her pleas despite dangling a P300 peso bill in front of me. I told her that I'd attend to her needs after I recover from my illness. My sister responded with a tender hug and a snuggle at my back - a rare act of sweetness she expresses. On the day I returned to work, the text barrages came flooding in.

"Kuya bili mo naman ako ng pressed powder today... blah. blah. blah."

I didn't send a reply.


Feeling her utter desperation and remembering the peace treaty I just declared over the weekend, I sent a text message assuring her that I'd squeeze her pressed powder after my shift is over.

So I rushed towards Avon immediately after work. My worry was, I wouldn't make it there for I thought the store closes at six. If I fail to secure her beauty product that evening, it might take days before I could return because of my busy schedule. Arriving in time for the closing, I was relieved to learn there were only few ladies inside the shop. It means I don't need to violently fight my way to get the Almond Pressed Powder my sister needed. A surprise jackpot made the trip worthwhile.

The store was on-sale and I got my powder at half the price.

Handing over the 500 peso bill to the cashier and another 20 pesos to the attendant who sells product catalog, I hurried out like a contender in the Amazing Race to beat the closing of another shop and accomplish my next objective.



thecurioscat said...

hehe kala ko para sayo yung Avon

engel said...

bait namang kuya. =)

Vladimir Buendia said...

the pressure is on. i remember those days when i was the trainer. the race was finished?

Galen said...

Curious Cat:

Wish ko lang nagmamake-up rin ako, nagbra-bra at naglilip-stick. Hahaha.


Brotherly. A mode I'm trying hard to slip into. Hehehe.


The race is over. It took a heavy strain on me though...

Welcome to my blog, dude. :)

thecurioscat said...


Galen said...


Too horrible for the imagination ba? Hahaha.